Insite Interactive: Harmonizing the User Experience with Web Technology

Adrienne Palmer, President
With the evolution of web and marketing technologies, businesses have become more focused on delivering superior user experience through easy to use web-based platforms. This change has made the role of IT department even more vital. However, “IT and marketing have very different approaches toward technology,” remarks Adrienne Palmer, President, Insite Interactive. “For instance, while the IT department is focused on building stable secure software, the marketing team is concerned with enhancing the user experience, branding, and sophisticated design.” Insite bridges the gap between these two diverse departments by providing user friendly interface design for website and application development, ensuring the ease of customer interaction. “We are helping our clients create effective technology solutions with a focus on enhancing user experience and ROI of their websites and applications,” delineates Adrienne.

Since its inception in 1998, Insite is exploring new ways of automating marketing communications for their clients. The company assists mid to large enterprises conduct transactions online, automate communications, provide robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, and real time access to consumer information. Insite leverages an extensive set of back-end custom development skills like .NET, PHP, and Java while also implementing and customizing Content Management System (CMS), Learning Management System (LMS), and e-commerce systems. “Our technology capabilities allow us to add custom features to pre-existing systems, and customize the websites according to the client’s needs to drive brand and functional objectives,” says Adrienne. “Depending on our clients’ needs, we can leverage enterprise systems like Sitecore, SharePoint, and Liferay, open source products like Drupal and WordPress and also mid-tier products like Kentico to tailor these systems,” she adds.

Insite builds mobile friendly websites, accessible on all smartphones, tablets, or e-readers platforms. They build Mobile Applications for iOS and Android platforms. They also extend and improve the customer experience through digital signage and kiosks. “We strive to build applications in a strategic and extensible way so that additional features can be added seamlessly,” says Adrienne.

We are creating dynamic digital interactive tools with a focus on enhancing user experience.

“Our contribution in a company’s evolution is about humanizing their technology and ensuring it’s easy to use, approachable, and user-focused.”Being a staunch believer of constant innovation, Adrienne says, “Most of our innovation happens in bringing new technologies and tools to address our clients’ needs.”

In addition, “lately, we are focused on mobile apps and website development, ensuring the presence of latest tools and understanding user behaviors and expectations,” she adds. With extensive market knowledge of more than a decade, Insite is able to evolve with the market trends and serve clients more effectively. The company has assisted a myriad of customers across industries to cost-effectively transform their web lifecycle. Insite has helped many of its clients streamline their system operation by providing web-based solutions. To exemplify, one client needed to automate their manual equipment and supply shifting processes, and unite employees working all over the U.S. in different locations. Insite worked with the customer to design a tablet based, Global Positioning System (GPS) enabled application that allows employees to be effective in the field. The software helps them organize resources and projects, ensuring everything can be handled more efficiently and cost effectively.

Having built a strong foundation in the web development landscape, Insite sees enormous opportunity in investing in peer-to-peer connection. “With the ever growing use of technology and amount of unutilized resources available, peer-to-peer applications can drive individuals to revolutionize the web technology space by connecting with people in need of the same service,” shares Adrienne. Moving forward, Insite plans to continue with their role of a service implementer of latest technology for businesses. Likewise, the company also plans to invest heavily in mobility. “The vast web traffic comes from mobile devices, and we are here to ensure effective mobile solutions for our clients,” Adrienne concludes.

Insite Interactive

Dallas, TX

Adrienne Palmer, President

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