INSITE IT: Driving the Next Wave of Construction Revolution

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Florian Altmann, Co-Founder
Florian Altmann, the co-founder, and CPO of INSITE IT observes that construction companies execute the same processes in multiple divergent ways, either with or without software, but with different degrees of efficiency. For instance, each company follows its own way for material tracking and that is a challenge for standard software. “It’s true that software comes with a certain standardization to execute a process; but it should be flexible enough to adapt to the customers’ requirements enabling them to implement it as their standard process,” remarks Altmann. The company’s Insite LMS (Lean Management Software), is a site management and logistics platform, which exactly offers these capabilities. Insite LMS consists of multiple modules that customers can choose from, depending on their specific demands. These modules focus on the needs of construction projects including main areas like manufacturing and material tracking, deviation and installation progress monitoring as well as time tracking and daily log. By default, a robust set of standard processes is available for all kinds of construction sites. A high level of customization can also be achieved with individualized software elements. With its accumulated knowledge and experience working with a large customer base, the company swiftly releases updates, works on new versions of modules, while keeping its core simple and beneficial for all customers.

Altmann reckons that while the construction companies are looking for the next wave of construction revolution, the answer does not lie entirely in technology. “Instead, the answer lies in how we work together as a construction team when there are multiple companies involved following their own standards and how we create value together. This is exactly what we are offering to our customers.”
Through its Insite LMS, INSITE IT facilitates communication between the multiple stakeholders involved and offers comprehensive consultancy to optimize the customer’s construction projects, save costs, and find a professional solution for processes that are fairly often heavily paper or Excel based.

After a customer registers with INSITE IT, the software is enabled with a standard configuration and the customer can start easily. With a test project, INSITE IT usually assesses the customer’s current processes and places them into the Insite LMS world. The Insite LMS ecosystem is based in the cloud and comes with a mobile app that can be downloaded on Android, iOS, or Windows devices—this is from a technical perspective. But from the process perspective, INSITE IT’s consulting service saves the day, assessing and identifying the process transfer required and resolving the complexity of process standardization, thereby delivering the final tool to the customer.

ANDRITZ HYDRO, an Austrian hydropower expert, has been using Insite LMS for several years now as a construction site solution for logistics, material, and defect management. In addition to the numerous, already proven Insite LMS modules, the new modules Time Tracking and Daily Log were subjected to a practical test for the first time this year. The introduction of electronic time tracking utilizing fingerprints significantly facilitates time recording. The electronic data is reused for internal succession processes like Payroll or HR. Besides, the new daily log module improves quality and allows standardization of the construction site reporting.

Stepping into the future with the numerous functions they offer, INSITE IT aims to sell itself as the most complete solution for multiple tasks in the construction industry. The company plans to further enhance their recently released iPhone and Android apps and apply their proven processes to more construction projects all around the world. “Improving ease-of-use, performance, consistency, and functionality based on user feedback is a continuous endeavour of INSITE IT,” concludes Altmann.


Chicago, IL

Florian Altmann, Co-Founder

INSITE IT has been a skilled associate for plant technicians since its foundation in 2012. The software company, based in Linz, Austria, and based in Chicago, USA, creates software alternatives for big building locations for material monitoring and building site management. For every manufacturing building site, efficiency is a top concern. INSITE IT are specialists in this sector, and consumers can depend on a uniform, embedded crop building method. Insite LMS software and applications promote global logistics, project logistics, material handling, error management, and advancement in building-even in the world's most distant fields