Inspur: Computing Technology Innovation Empowered by AI and HPC

Vangel Bojaxhi, Global AI & HPC Director
Enterprises globally are fretting over effectively managing the consistent, exponential data deluge plaguing them, thanks to the advent of IoT and frequent additions of devices to networks. In a tête-à-tête, noted industry expert Vangel Bojaxhi, Global AI and HPC Director, Inspur, reveals how high-performance computing (HPC) and modern, cutting-edge technologies like AI are instrumental in curbing the challenges posed by data explosion and help enterprises gain a competitive edge. “Our firm aims to amplify the capabilities of enterprises worldwide by engineering innovative, customized, economic, world-class solutions by leveraging AI and HPC to their highest potential,” Bojaxhi mentions.

Inspur is a global leader in computing technology innovation, renowned for building customized platforms by the amalgamation of HPC, AI, and cloud computing. Gartner has recognized the firm for being China’s largest server manufacturer and one among the Top 3 across the world. The biggest advantage of Inspur’s futuristic solutions is that it helps businesses become agiler and keep pace with evolving needs. The firm’s talented resource pool keeps itself abreast with latest technological trends to deliver holistic, enterprise-specific solutions aligned with the client’s organizational goals.

Traditionally, HPC has been widely confined for complex scientific computation and modelling simulation. However, Inspur pushed the innovation envelope by converging HPC with other cutting-edge disciplines such as AI and machine learning to solve myriad critical business challenges of its clients –a fact that steers Inspur ahead of several renowned industry peers. The most prominent of these concerns is deriving useful insights from Big Data, undoubtedly the need of the hour among firms worldwide. Inspur’s approach of exploiting multiple emerging technologies and developing sophisticated, GPU and FPGA-powered applications, has dramatically enabled client organizations to achieve their motive and propelled it to the status of a ‘go-to’ business solution provider. Bojaxhi adds that his firm also caters to the data center needs of its clients and currently the firm has the unique AI-powered solution portfolio in the industry.

Inspur has been recognized by Gartner for being China’s largest server manufacturer and one among the Top 3 across the world

A glance at Inspur’s product suite summarizes its strength and reveals how firms can accelerate their business abilities by the procurement of these. The firm offers an array of products that include mission-critical, blade and HANA certified servers of various capacities, thus giving companies a wide variety of hardware choices to resolve their IT bottlenecks. Additionally, Inspur offers the NEW SR-AI Rack which comprises of 16 NVIDIA Tesla GPU cards, NEW AGX-2 – an 8 NVIDIA® V100 GPUs with NVLink™ 2.0, 2U server, as well as the NEW GX4.

Inspur’s greatest triumph is its ability to empower the AI capabilities of legacy enterprises of myriad factors such as financial, medical, manufacturing firms, who haven’t utilized their data volumes to their fullest potential yet. “Inspur strengthens its clients’ by offering a four-layered total stack of AI which includes fully-integrated hardware platforms, management suite, performance optimization and Deep Learning frameworks as well as devising effective application development strategies,” adds Bojaxhi.

To paint a clearer picture of Inspur’s strengths, Bojaxhi recalls a couple of client solution deployment experiences and mentions a few prominent names belonging to the firm’s impressive clientele. The Central China Normal University, a reputed Chinese educational institution roped in Inspur’s services to address its computational needs and the company offered 18 CPU AGX2 servers to supporting storage and editing of 2D and 3D videos. The firm has also collaborated with other esteemed names such as retail giant Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent, China Mobile. Media sources have predicted Inspur to be the highest server manufacturer by 2022, which alone speaks volumes about the company’s potential.


Fremont, California

Vangel Bojaxhi, Global AI & HPC Director

Inspur is a computing technology innovation company that leverages AI, HPC and cloud computing to help its clients manage data efficiently