InstaData Systems: Harnessing the Power of Data

Dr. Angshuman Guin, Co-founder
The big data analytics landscape has been transforming like never before. Cloud computing technologies and out-of-the-box business intelligence software are driving business operations, improving business value and profitability. However, except for the bigger corporations, often there is “a dearth of resources that smaller businesses or government institutions can deploy to translate business knowledge into business analytics tools,” says Dr. Angshuman Guin, Co-founder and Partner, InstaData Systems. This is where InstaData comes in. Bridging this gap, the company provides an environment where they employ in-house thought leaders and domain experts to communicate with a business and help them translate concepts into successful implementation. “We reduce the need to take away already scarce resources in businesses from performing their existing business functions and driving requirements gathering and software development.”

As a Big Data analytics company, “InstaData helps businesses harness the power of data to move beyond descriptive and diagnostic analytics to predictive and prescriptive analytics.” With their robust in-house domain expertise, the company brings together cloud computing experts, data scientists, big data experts, statisticians, and visualization experts to build Decision Support Systems that enable problem solving by diagnosing root causes and effects and anticipating and optimizing outcomes, behaviors, and processes.

InstaData analytics platform is built with big data architecture to work seamlessly in cloud-based environment. The architecture leverages the scalability of a cloud platform such as AWS. “For example, the same computational platform that is used for real-time processing can be scaled up on demand, with no additional development requirements, when there is a need for additional single use heavy duty processing, such as reprocessing of archival data to match an upgraded data handling algorithm,” explains Dr. Guin. This architecture allows for minimal initial investments, while allowing for incremental increases in resource deployment as necessary, with no direct end-of-life technology overhaul costs.

Dr. Guin also mentions the ability of the platform to process real-time data collected from sensors, by filtering, cleansing, and validating the data from sensors on-the-fly with advanced predictive filtering algorithms.

InstaData helps businesses harness the power of data to move beyond descriptive and diagnostic analytics to predictive and prescriptive analytics

Eliminating the data noise and sensor malfunction related anomalies at the ingestion level simplifies the customization of dashboards for software development teams to suit the client’s internal workflow. “With expertise in both analytics and software development, we address issues from both perspectives without diluting algorithmic efficiency or losing the statistical significance of results,” he states.

Transparency and expertise in work has only intensified the covetous nature of InstaData’s solutions. In one of the instances, InstaData was instrumental in assisting a state department of transportation in the real-time integration of traffic data from over 6000 detectors. “While the customer had a legacy system for data archiving, we brought-in real-time analysis and visualization capabilities critical for rapid evaluation of new congestion mitigation strategies,” notes Dr. Guin. InstaData helped the customer in getting to a point where the agency could have its own analytics dashboard functioning, with no hardware investments and minimal time engagement from agency staff.

With a track record of assisting customers in obtaining insights into their data by consuming minimal resources, InstaData has now carved a niche for itself in predictive data analytics that support rapid intelligent data driven decisions to enhance operational efficiency and effectiveness. Going ahead, the company looks forward to provide scalable information extraction from high velocity real-time data to support technologies like Connected Vehicles and the IoT. InstaData platform architecture is in the process of being redesigned to suit the IoT environment, to ensure a balanced distribution of intelligence across the data to percolate up the relevant information to the centralized repositories.

InstaData Systems

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Dr. Angshuman Guin, Co-founder

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InstaData Systems