Instructure: Powerful Tools to Revolutionize Education

Josh Coates, CEO
As higher education institutions are increasingly embracing e-learning, it is crucial to discover how a Learning Management System (LMS) meets the needs of learning and teaching processes. As a savant CEO of Instructure, Josh Coates has an incredible ability to read the exact market status and bring light to the LMS world with Instructure. From its humble beginning in 2008, Instructure, Lake City, UT based firm’s—Canvas learning management system makes teaching and learning simpler for everyone, everywhere. “We have four markets that we serve—domestic higher-ed, domestic K-12, domestic corporate learning, and international markets,” notes Coates.

Instructure’s flagship product, Canvas—a cloud-based LMS, empowers the learning process in every context with open, SaaS technologies. With this platform, teachers, learners, and institutions from anywhere can connect and design their course for professional development, personal growth, and academic programs. As a 21st century LMS, Canvas is adaptable, customizable, reliable, and designed explicitly for K-12 students and teachers to connect all the digital tools and resources into one consolidated place for enhanced learning. Vindicating such expertise, Canvas—as a state-wide LMS makes it uncomplicated for educators in North Carolina Department of Public Instruction to collaborate among themselves and share resources throughout the entire state.

Adding credence to Canvas, Instructure is developing Arc—a video-learning platform that opens up a world of new learning possibilities. Arc’s interface enables learners and instructors to engage with video content by placing their comments directly on the video timeline in real time. With this, students can then learn from fellow friends’ insights as well as from the instructor’s direction and feedback. It quickly allows instructors and administrators to easily analyze the videos watched by students, the duration of the video watched, and when they stop watching. This information permits instructors to optimize videos to exchange critical information efficaciously and monitor student behaviors.

Canvas connects all the digital tools and resources into one consolidated place for enhanced learning

“Studies show that a vast majority of U.S. workers are not reaching their full potential, which has major implications for the economy,” delineates Coates. Another core offering of Instructure, Bridge—a corporate e-learning solution solves this problem by helping employees to be smarter and more productive. Bridge improves employee engagement by assessing sentiment and alignment, and makes it easy for managers to deliver quick learning experiences vital to their teams' success. It offers advanced key capabilities that allow administrators to monitor learning and training with zero-time delay, update various training materials, and provide guidance to the employees in a right approach, creating a feedback-rich culture. Additionally, because Bridge can be used and accessed on any mobile device, it enables organizations to provide information to employees anywhere, on any device that has an internet connection.

Presently, many universities, school districts, and institutions worldwide deploy Instructure’s products to make the world smarter with better software technology. “We are enjoying a 99 percent retention rate with our customer base,” says Coates. The company is en route to adding offices in multiple international cities and setting up legal entities in Latin America. By reimagining the way learning is carried out across institutions and work arenas, the firm aims to be at the vanguard of technological changes through their pragmatic products. “As we continue to grow, we stay focused on delivering on our mission to create software that makes people smarter, resulting in happy and satisfied customers,” concludes Coates.


Salt Lake City, UT

Josh Coates, CEO

Provider of cloud-based learning management system for better employee engagement and corporate training