Insurance Technology Services: Combining Innovation and Unmatched Industry Experience

Chris Belle, President
While the insurance industry has been waging a never-ending battle against legacy systems and obsolete methodologies, the advances in technology are a potential inflection point. With the adoption of new technologies and business processes, new entrants in the industry are donning the hat of ‘disruptors’ to compete against the established players. These insurance technology-consulting startups are hiring large groups of people, brightly skilled but barely experienced, thus hindering a successful run in the insurance arena. Bridging this knowledge and experience gap is Dallas based Insurance Technology Services (ITS).

With profound knowledge and insight acquired from three decades of rich industrial experience, insurance consulting and services are right up ITS’ alley. The uniqueness of ITS stems from its in-depth industry and insurance software expertise that proves instrumental in enhancing the abilities and the skill set of the staff in insurance organizations.

From business analysis, and testing, to project management, end-user training, and data migration services, ITS follows a business-first approach to offer both staff augmentation and turnkey solutions for insurance firms to build and fortify their capacities and expertise internally. The company understands the unique goals, business problems, scope, and timelines of each client, and accordingly utilizes planning templates and discovery processes to define a customized plan for every project. “With experienced consultants, well-defined tools, and efficient processes, we provide the three legs of a stool engineered specifically for streamlining insurance technology projects,” states Chris Belle, President of ITS.

The ITS team delivers significant value to their clients by introducing best practices in an agile environment that provides a cost-effective way to meet their targets. Insurance processes and data are complex and require configurable solutions to handle the constant change that occurs in an agile environment. To that end, ITS has developed a suite of insurance-specific platforms with innovative architectures to bridge the technology-experience gap and steer clients ahead of the technology curve and their competition. Designed to be highly reusable, these platforms accelerate ITS’s ability to offer streamlined automated solutions, eliminating the need to reinvent the wheel at the start of every project. “Our platforms were built specifically to address the unique business case scenarios that exist in insurance.

With experienced consultants, well-defined tools, and efficient processes, we provide the three legs of a stool engineered specifically for streamlining insurance technology projects

Their designs are based on ITS’s 30 years of experience serving the industry,” adds Belle.

ITS Data Migration Platform presents the breadth and depth of technology, architecture, and services to simplify the development, delivery, and maintenance of custom data migration applications. The company’s automated functional testing platform is quick to implement over an existing system and can begin showing value within the first month. Apart from its development efficiency, the platform’s flexible architecture and high degree of re-usability simplify maintenance over the long-term and eliminate the fragile nature of automated regression test suites when a change is introduced to the system under test.

Backed by a successful record of accomplishments, ITS and its experience-rich team of senior consultants bring deep domain expertise to design, implement, and utilize technology for optimizing critical business processes and achieving exceptional results. The combination of ITS’ people, processes, and tools help reduce the time, effort, and cost to implement enterprise insurance systems. Recently, ITS helped a client implement a new business model with an aggressive timeline to capture a time-sensitive market opportunity. The ITS team provided robust project management, business analysis, and testing services along with it’s proprietary tools and platforms to help the client go live with multiple lines of business within a year.

ITS is well on its way to scripting similar success stories, valuing its partnership with other solution providers as a powerful growth strategy. “Our partnership with Guidewire has opened up new opportunities to provide better services and features to our shared customer base in the near future,” concludes Belle.

Insurance Technology Services

Dallas, TX

Chris Belle, President

ITS is an insurance consulting and services firm specializing in the design, implementation, and utilization of technology to optimize critical business processes and achieve exceptional results

Insurance Technology Services