Insurity: Innovative Data Solutions for the Insurance Sector

CIO VendorJeffrey Glazer, CEO
With a fast-paced transformation in technology, consumers today demand dynamic and customized solutions—a trend that is defining the survival of companies in the insurance industry. For instance, insurance customers today expect online solutions for insurance rather than having to meet with insurance agents. In this realm, growth for insurance companies is governed by factors such as changing consumer behavior, technological deployment demands, policy information management, and data analytics and automation. However, these challenges also bring long-term opportunities. “At Insurity, we can help unlock the potential of these opportunities by providing cutting-edge solutions and investment protection for insurance policy administration, claims processing, billing automation, and data analytics,” says Jeffrey Glazer, CEO, Insurity.

Insurity’s Insurance Decision Suite provides an ingenious formula to alleviate data management issues in addition to a robust core processing system. The componentized suite leverages extensive insurance processing and efficient automated data analytics features. The suite is an integration of two robust solutions that support both Enterprise Data and Core Processing. The Insurance Enterprise View (IEV) solution serves as an integration hub and merges essential data from policies, bills, claims, external data, and corporate documents to enable information availability and analytics. “Insurance Enterprise View allows insurance companies to centralize all corporate records for better research and business intelligence, ina simple user interface,” adds Glazer.

The Core Processing component of Insurance Decision Suite provides customers with an extensive array of core insurance solutions which encompass all complex challenges an insurance organization faces. The four components of Core Processing—Policy Decisions, Billing Decisions, Claims Decisions, and Reinsurance improve the user experience and automate processes for streamlined business operations.
“We complement our solutions with a range of service options including hosted or on-premise delivery, implementation support, and customization, to help customers meet their unique requirements. We also have options for our customers to engage with System Integrators for flexibility in their implementation model,” Glazer adds.

Insurity’s solutions facilitate companies with the ability to empower their workforce with the right information at the right time, and useful insights for improved decision-making advantages. Such an organic approach improves customer experience, enhances productivity, and reduces support and maintenance costs of enterprises. “We believe in just one mission: to concentrate on customers’ problems and provide them with efficient solutions through our flexible engagement models,” says Glazer.

With flexible and innovative solutions in the package, Insurity has solved the maze of data management and automation by assisting enterprises in the achievement of their business objectives. For example, a company while entering the market was facing challenges related to data management and business insights generation. They approached Insurity, who helped them in transforming their traditional methodologies by leveraging leading-edge methods for centralizing, segregating, and analyzing crucial data.

“We offered them a whole range of insurance fundamentals including technology. In six months they saw higher revenues because of automation in their insurance processes. That company today is one of the fastest growing carriers in the market,” adds Glazer. “We continually evolve our products and support model as our customers’ needs change with the market,” says Glazer. Insurity is focused on the continuous expansion of product functionality and service and support models. “Our customers’ success is first and foremost at Insurity, for me and my entire staff,” concludes Glazer.


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Jeffrey Glazer, CEO

Provider of efficient and innovative solutions for streamlining data operations of Insurance enterprises.