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David Kochummen, CEO
Whether it is developing innovative and progressive solutions or writing songs, David Kochummen always works in harmony with skilled team members to create sound and productive results. His passion for music taught him that, to produce a song or execute a project, it requires all the involved elements to be in perfect sync with one another. “In today’s competitive arena, project management knowledge and experience is a pre-requisite for CXOs facing project control challenges,” says Kochummen, CEO, inSynchro. Having served the project management space for over a decade, “inSynchro offers software development solutions focused on project management and control,” notes Kochummen. The company’s core emphasis is on delivering project information through the Oracle stack of solutions.

Being almost a decade old Oracle Gold Partner, inSynchro not only leverages Oracle’s technology, but also focuses on extending it to be ‘fit-for-use’ in the client’s environment and remaining relevant to their operations. “We combine the best-of-breed technology and services, and provide solutions such as Oracle Primavera Integration to third party applications, Oracle Primavera P6, Oracle Fusion Middleware, and Oracle Primavera training to prevent project failures and bring significant Return On Investment (ROI) and savings to our clients,” explains Kochummen.

“Prior to partnering with Oracle, we were a technology partner with Primavera,” he notes. Understanding Primavera and later working with the rest of the related Oracle stack of technologies, inSynchro is able to secure great wins together with Oracle across several verticals. The combination of robust and flexible Oracle technology together with inSynchro’s homegrown solutions like Integration Manager and Executive Dashboard enable inSynchro to meet customers’ business goals. inSynchro’s Executive Dashboard (IXD), formerly called the ‘Project Hub,’ takes away the need for project management jargon and displays content repurposed for executive consumption.

inSynchro offers software development solutions focused on project management and control

With IXD’s gesture-based, geo-spatial interactivity features, executives find it easy to understand the scope, progress, budgets, issues, risks, and also consolidate information from external sources like Primavera. “By correlating native data from IXD, Primavera, and other sources such as Excel dumps, stakeholders get a consolidated view of their project performance with a high degree of integrity,” says Kochummen.

Additionally, elucidating on inSynchro’s Integration Manager, the CEO articulates that, “The product acts as an accelerator framework making it easy to develop integration services to Primavera.” Integration Manager is also used in shutdown and turnaround operations for various sectors to reconcile budgets and cost elements.

inSynchro readily improves the project management and control operations for their clients by gaining first-hand knowledge from industry leading companies on how large scale complex projects are delivered. Offering a roadmap for its clients to shift from ‘Multiple Version of the Truth’ to ‘Single Version of the Truth,’ inSynchro helps them to evolve and achieve their business objectives better, and positions itself above the rest in the market.

“Embracing the cloud and mobility demands, coupled with understanding the need for a connected cloud infrastructure, will be the primary drivers of our products and services roadmap,” delineates Kochummen. In the upcoming years, “Our Executive Dashboard will use our Integration Manager to perform all data collection, reconciliation, and consolidation from every source used by the client across multiple applications,” says Kochummen. This approach will deliver a platform with quality checkpoints to ensure high data integrity and content that is reliable for decision making.


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David Kochummen, CEO

Provider of project management solutions to maximize the efficiency of an organization through integrated project controls solutions and services