Intact: Accelerating IT Operations Management

Jesse White, President
In a world where customers need services designed to help them reduce operational complexity and cost, increase compliance, drive adoption, and ultimately achieve quantifiable business outcomes, traditional services offerings and categories are becoming less relevant,” begins Jesse White, President of Intact. Intact, an HPE Software Partner has created a new and repeatable, outcome-based service model that goes beyond just fulfilling technical requirements and focuses on delivering long-term outcomes to their customers.

Today organizations spend millions of dollars on IT operations solutions designed to help them solve operational challenges and positively impact their business. Nevertheless, Jesse explains, “Ninety percent of the customers we have worked with in the last 22 years did not get the value they expected out of their software. They were sold a piece of technology that had a tremendous amount of capability, but they didn’t have the internal knowledge or the budget to maximize the value from the software portfolio.”

Organizations frequently fall short of reaching targeted outcomes and often blame the technology platform, swiftly changing it every three to five years. Intact believes that customers should change their approach to IT implementations and think beyond technology and process. Outcomes can only be achieved when expectations are clearly set and user adoption is seeing as the key to maximized outcomes.

“Software does not produce an outcome; people do,” says Jesse. “People have to be using the software in order to get the value they were expecting out of it.” Intact specializes in helping customers have a real impact in their IT organization by achieving sustainable business outcomes through the use of their HPE solutions. “HPE provides IT Operations Management products that support customers’ heterogeneous reality by allowing them to leverage data and workflow from other systems. Together we focus on delivering sustainable solutions that result in the best outcomes,” says Jesse.

Traditionally, when the implementation project comes to an end, customers have the option of either managing the complex software package internally or finding an external service provider to manage it for them.

We are highly focused on user adoption, communication, and marketing throughout the lifecycle of the project to really get people excited and engaged

However, most service providers only focus on ensuring the software is up and running. Intact believes that maintenance is not enough to obtain the full value out of the software. “Customers should expect more from their service providers and focus on enhancing and optimizing their current capabilities,” says Jesse.

Intact has developed an outcome- based service, ONPOINT, that can be deployed in less than two weeks, providing customers with a team of experts to fully manage, enhance and optimize their software after deployment either on premise or in the cloud. This product focuses on helping customers achieve their short-term and long-term goals and helps them build momentum. “We are highly focused on user adoption, communication, and marketing throughout the lifecycle of the project to really get people excited and engaged,” says Jesse. “The adoption rate when we use our methodology is two to three times what we’d see from the traditional consulting method adding immense value to their business outcomes.”

In the last three years, Intact has helped customers achieve their outcomes twice as fast and at a lower cost whilst providing a new solution that is shocking the industry. “We deliver a cost-effective, new service model to help enhance and optimize the software customers already own, and enable their people on how to utilize it,” says Jesse. “Our goal is to find the best ways to help customers realize, and achieve their business outcomes through the use of their software portfolio,” concludes Jesse.


Greenbelt, MD

Jesse White, President

Building end-to-end IT outcome based operations management solutions for customers