Intangent: Elevating Sales Performance

Chris Wales, President
“For a very long time, sales operations have survived without the technology needed to actively collect data required for meaningful analysis,” points out Chris Wales, President, Intangent. Underserved by technology, sales teams have traditionally used spreadsheets that meet just the bare minimum of analytics needs. Gradually, a few modern Sales Performance Management (SPM) applications surfaced and they supported a comprehensive scope of functionalities within the sales value chain. It was around this time that Intangent, a company that offers organizations the much-needed guidance surrounding the clamor for sales performance solutions, was created. Today, the company provides support for a broad spectrum of solutions, namely Incentive Compensation Management (ICM), Territory and Quota Planning, Sales Forecasting, and Sales Analytics, and works in a close partnership with IBM. “Our Sales Performance Management solution offerings are helping customers to meet the gold standard in SPM,” states Wales.

For regulated businesses, like financial services or insurance, the challenge in SPM lies in balancing the deep value of sales programs against the various risks they present. “For these customers, satisfying regulatory and compliance needs is where ICM and Product Life Cycle Management (PLCM) solutions help immensely,” affirms Wales. “At Intangent, we take risk containment further by providing companies the means to make use of their own data to better understand the real link between customer behavior and incentives.”

To that end, Intangent utilizes the latest trends in technology, such as cloud and big data for analytics, to give control and flexibility to its customers over their SPM lifecycle. Intangent’s best-of-breed strategy in selecting enterprise application partnerships gives the most value to its customers by enabling them to grow and scale without artificial software platform restrictions. Within this same vein, the Intangent team always carefully aligns its sales performance solutions with their customers’ unique business models in order to maximize the return on investment. “Our proven and repeatable Launch Methodology is a project discipline that we use for all of our SPM projects to strike the right balance between controlled outcomes and dynamic solutions,” explains Wales.

Happy customers are so valuable, and unhappy customers are so costly, that it pays to be insanely focused on the success of every customer engagement

With a prolific clientele that showcases some of the most prominent names across the globe, Intangent has a proven record of helping businesses optimize their sales performance with an expedient deployment method. For many multi-billion dollar enterprises, the company has successfully migrated and improved their existing processes and procedures from legacy mainframe systems to one of IBM’s modern solutions. For one Intangent customer an SPM deployment reduced the timeline of their incentive changes from eighteen months to a few weeks enabling them to respond quickly to changes in their markets.

Wales attributes their business success in such engagements to Intangent’s steadfast focus on customer experience. He reiterates, “Happy customers are so valuable, and unhappy customers are so costly, that it pays to be insanely focused on the success of every customer engagement.” By experimenting with different approaches for solving problems, expanding the portfolio of SPM solutions, and developing top talent, Intangent ensures that their customers are always at the competitive edge of their business front.

The company is constantly making investments to better meet its customers’ evolving needs, often by adding more breadth and depth to its services offerings. “To expand our relationships with our customers, we will continue to add more best-of-breed solutions that complement our existing SPM suite,” assures Wales. “To ensure successful deployment of those solutions, we will also add new strategic, quality assurance, and support services.”


Toronto, Canada

Chris Wales, President

Provides support for IBM Sales Performance Management applications