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Sebastián Gutiérrez, CEO
Unquestionably, the COVID-19 pandemic has been the most prominent instigator for digital transformation across the globe, but it has also triggered several challenges for various businesses ecosystems. Contact centers, especially, struggled to keep up with the change since the pandemic compelled them to rapidly migrate from on-premise systems to cloud services. Even though companies utilized cloud services, employees needed to acclimate to the work-from-home culture. “As technology experts well-versed with remote working, we helped several businesses track their employees’ performance and adapt to new challenges easily,” says Sebastián Gutiérrez, CEO of Integra CCS. The firm has offered WebRTC for several years and was already prepared for unforeseen events like the pandemic. Integra CCS specializes in the design, development, and deployment of state-of-the-art contact center solutions that boost the efficiency and productivity of workforces.

Integra CCS offers uContact, a comprehensive platform that tracks inbound, outbound and blended calls, performs automated call distributions while ensuring zero-call drops. The platform consists of a unified inbox that offers an omni-channel experience to call center agents, enabling them to contact customers via SMS, calls, e-mails, or web-chats—all from the same dashboard. Integra CCS also broadens a client’s reach by helping them communicate with customers through popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. Businesses can employ the company’s platform to monitor their internal operations and track the performances of individual agents. Integra CCS’s innovative tools empower numerous firms to function efficiently, and the company constantly upgrades its platform to serve clients better.

Integra CCS supports clients who previously employed legacy solutions to migrate to cloud services without a hassle and keep their operations running. The company implements additional features to their solutions to help contact centers gain more insights about their agent’s activities and monitor them. Elaborating on these new functionalities, Gutiérrez adds, “Clients can view their agent’s screen in real-time to supervise their performance.” The firm also deploys bots connected with AI engines such as IBM Watson to simplify client interactions. Integra CCS has developed new B2B software that enables end-to-end encrypted one-on-one calls across multiple platforms. “For facilitating reliable online communications, our new tool enables peer-to-peer calls, call-recording with stereo sound, chats, and file sharing in a highly secure manner.” Gutiérrez believes that such technologies are the need of the hour as new realities emerge and bring unfamiliar challenges. Integra CSS gained various new clients last year who were very satisfied with the swift implementation of its platforms.

We are technology experts and well acquainted with the concept of remote-working. It was fairly simple for us to assist our clients to adapt to the new normal during the pandemic

The company also developed SpeakIt—a teaching tool for regions where the internet is unavailable and offered it at no cost. Apart from assisting clients and educational institutions, the company also undertook several responsibilities to help clinical labs during the pandemic.

Integra CCS’s teams provided Institut Pasteur de Montevideo of Uruguay with an AI-based software that helped them automate and manage the processing from the PCR kits. The software helped them identify and predict positive and negative test results that came from those PCR test kits. Additionally, the software integrated information from various labs and clinics to deliver a streamlined view of all the relevant data. Healthcare professionals would upload the test results into the software, and the data was automatically sent to the Ministry of Public Health of Uruguay. With such a problem-solving attitude blended with creativity, Integra CCS has already started developing solutions that will assist businesses in navigating through similar challenging events in the future.

Integra CCS is developing a workforce management and optimization tool that will allow businesses to handle their employees better. And due to increased incidents of cyberattacks, the company also invests in developing cloud-based security tools. To be on par with the new work environments, Integra CCS creates hybrid software where certain parts of the solutions are available offline while others are online. The platform will also support AI-based sentiment analysis, where it automatically analyses an agent’s interactions with customers and alerts supervisors regarding the calls that need attention. The company’s focus on developing such groundbreaking software is helping it grow organically and gain a competitive advantage. As Gutierrez concludes, “We listen to our client’s needs and prepare for the evolution of our platform and the growth of the company. We forge futuristic contact centre solutions to help businesses leverage hybrid work environments to their greatest potential.”

Integra CCS

Montevideo, Uruguay

Sebastián Gutiérrez, CEO

Integra CSS offers innovative solutions for contact centers. State-of-the-art technology and experience in customer contact management are the vital aspects of the company, which are reflected in the added value it offers to its customers. Integra CCS has the ideal solution to increase your efficiency and productivity. It helps its customers to achieve this by providing a true All-in-One Omnichannel Contact Center Software. Integra CCS offers the platform in a bespoke manner and helps its clients utilise the platform to its complete potential