IntegrasiErat: Efficient Data Management with NetApp

Wira Ismail, Executive Director
The huge volume of data being generated has compelled companies to continuously look for the most efficient ways to handle, store, and access them. The need for adequate data security has also remained an important aspect of every organization. A seasoned company in the data management landscape, IntegrasiErat enables efficient Enterprise Data Management (EDM) and proper Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) for enterprises to manage their data. Taking their value proposition to the next level by partnering with NetApp, the powerhouse of modern data management technologies, IntegrasiErat offers cutting edge services to streamline clients’ data storage and management. The result: clients, including companies from oil and gas, government, education, and banking, improve their operational efficiencies.

Wira Ismail, Executive Director of IntegrasiErat, explains, “NetApp helps us to consolidate data and run multiple protocols on a single system. It offers the flexibility to handle varying requirements of the customers with different application needs.” Besides, NetApp technology enables flexibility in the virtual environment. NetApp’s highly scalable, reliable, and secure technology capabilities help IntegrasiErat’s clients who are unsure of the volume of data required when they start a project. With NetApp powering their backend systems, they can easily grow or shrink the total capacity required for virtual volumes.

IntegrasiErat’s customized offering to their customers is a unique factor that enables them to stay ahead in the marketplace. The company first engages with their customers in understanding their environment and accordingly help them derive a solution to manage their data assets economically and reliably. Traditionally, with data storage, encryption, and backup and recovery done in the same way, IntegrasiErat believes in ensuring the management of data according to their clients’ business goals. The focus is always on how the data can further add value to the clients in utilizing data.

In an instance, a leading and prominent government agency that governs the Government IT policies and roadmap wanted to move their data and applications to the cloud leveraged Integrasi’s services for the same.

NetApp helps us to consolidate data and run multiple protocols on a single system. It offers the flexibility to handle varying requirements of the customers with different application needs

IntegrasiErat helped the agency establish their infrastructure based on NetApp technology and helped structure their data center. Since the infrastructure was easily scalable, the introduction of newer applications was made possible with minimal investment. The result has led the agency to continue their partnership with IntegrasiErat for the past ten years. In another scenario, the company helped one of its clients in the private sector improve data backup environment using NetApp’s Snapshot technology. They helped change their backup policies and environment, and as a result, the client was able to backup data in a few hours, which would otherwise take a few days in their earlier system.

Steadfast on a continuous learning journey, IntegrasiErat is transitioning to offer solutions that help them understand the potential of data. “Gaining our customers’ trust with their data and with a good understanding of their vision, we are now trying to give them more insights and value for that data so that they can understand their customers and their environment better” states Ismail. The company, through its big data and virtual reality (VR) solutions, is benefiting clients with next-generation technology. They are also introducing automation process in their clients’ environments. IntegrasiErat continues to maintain their partnership with NetApp enabling clients to manage and utilize their data effectively and at the same time, innovating continuously to align with the existing trends and customer needs that may arise in the future.


Selangor, Malaysia

Wira Ismail, Executive Director and Mohd Ismawira Mohd Ismail, Executive Director, Haji Zulkifli Mohamed, Managing Director

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