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Liane Saunders, CEO and Chris Saunders, Founder & President Peapod, a home grocery delivery company, based outside of Chicago welcomes a truck per hour to their facility. The warehouse worker loads the trucks with amazing speed. As the driver signs into the Omnitracs-Roadnet mobile application installed on his iPhone, it conveys the address for the stop and navigates him right to the destination. When the driver reaches the delivery point, they leverage the Honeywell Captuvo SL42 sled-scanner to scan the tote that contains the groceries. This provides Peapod instant visibility into a completed delivery including any issues with the delivery such as damaged products. The real heavy-lifting happens down here. Amidst the constantly moving trucks, warehouse workers and drivers, the field mobility management begins. Peapod embraces a highly automated field mobility system with visibility into the movement of their product by partnering with field mobility innovator, Integrated Communications.

Chris Saunders, the founder, and president of the company, says, “When we collaborated with Peapod, they needed automation of their delivery process. They were considering a custom delivery application designed for Windows-based handhelds.” After an initial discovery session, Integrated Communications helped Peapod understand that they could accomplish their goals down a different path. “We noticed that Peapod’s driver demographic was shifting as they were noticing younger drivers phase in to their fleets so we introduced an iPhone with a Honeywell Captuvo SL42 barcode sled scanner which increases driver adoption,” states Liane Saunders, the CEO of Integrated Communications. The results were tremendous, as the solution saved 45 seconds to a minute per stop across thousands of deliveries per week—dramatically reducing Peapod’s cost per delivery.

Integrated Communications has been supplying turnkey field mobility solutions since 2004, assisting many prestigious customers in providing access to field workers and information in real time, reducing mobility costs, optimizing workflow, and deploying mission-critical applications. The organization has been gaining success under the leadership of field mobility’s dynamic duo—Chris and Liane Saunders—who are excellent at comprehending their customers pain points and delivering advanced field mobility technologies to deliver the solutions.

"We focus on our customer’s end game and then we align our solutions to accomplish their goals"

Mobility Experts

Overspending on the management of mobile devices and not being able to optimize data-flow across the business have plagued most of the companies in the field service industry for a long time. “Companies are not aware of the cost savings they can leverage if their devices and services are properly managed,” explains Chris Saunders. Further, the use of pen and paper across facets of field operations including sales, service, and delivery adds to the impending predicament.
By seamlessly managing devices and services through device inventory, consistent cost savings analysis and leveraging the latest mobile technology such as tablets running an application with integration to the companies’ ERP, Integrated Communications solves these pain points efficiently. The preparation, completion, and reconciliation of the data collected are automated by the company as it flows from one internal system to the next, facilitating an optimized flow of data from the field to the office.

We are a single source for multiple mobility components which saves our customers time and money

Being a true mobility integrator, Integrated Communications provides innovative mobility solutions to transportation, distribution, and field service organizations by aligning its solutions and capabilities to the goals of the customers. This also steers the company ahead of the competition curve. “We work with our customers in identifying their end game. If it’s cost reduction, then we find savings in their mobility program. If it’s access to information in the field, then we engage one of our partners to virtualize and mobilize their data so their mobile workers can have access to critical information in real time. If the requirement is related to electronic logging device (ELD) compliance, then we source ELD tablet bundles,” states Liane Saunders. She elaborates on many use-cases to exemplify Integrated Communications focuses on saving their customers’ time and money. If a trucking company needs an ELD solution that requires a tablet, mount, data plan, MDM, and staging, the company is a single source for all of those components. If a beer distributor needs to deploy iPhone for delivery, they can source the iPhone, mobile voice, and data plan, ruggedizing case, mount, MDM, printer, and turn-key staging. If an HVAC company needs to deploy an application such as Service Titan to automate scheduling and job completion, they can also source the tablet, data plan, mount, MDM and staging, and setup. “In all three of these scenarios, there were multiple components needed to bring a project from conception to completion. We can be a single source for all components which saves our customers time and money,” adds Chris Saunders.

A Field Mobility One-Stop-Shop

Following Chris Saunders’ motto of “selling what our customers need, not what we want them to buy,” the Integrated Communications team follows a process of understanding their customers goals, end game, and sourcing all of the components needed to deliver a competent solution. This ultimately delivers on every aspect that the customer is looking for. The company’s sourced devices for staging come through their facility which includes inventory management, activation, firmware upgrades, application loading, MDM lock-down, assembly with accessories like ruggedizing cases, labeling, and application testing. “All of this saves the customers valuable time that can be repurposed to high priority tasks in their business,” says Chris Saunders.

Additionally, Integrated Communications also maintains a “whatever-it-takes” post-sales culture to support their robust solutions.
Liane Saunders who is responsible for operations and customer support leads a dedicated support team that helps the customers to navigate the waters of post-deployment including help with a variety of customer support matters. Integrated Communications also provides training videos and user guides to make the customers’ mobility journey even more seamless and hassle-free. Based on the demographics and history of technology experience, the company places user guides and step-by-step training videos on the devices for one-touch end-user access-in-the-field. Virtual learning is very powerful and is now considered mainstream. We expedite our customers’ end users learning and adoption on how to use the mobile applications that power a customer’s last mile. They create and leverage videos as a method of helping resolve customer support issues and requests as well. Liane Saunders expresses, “Our customers love this. We can reduce or even mitigate the number of support calls to field operations managers with questions about how to use their newly deployed technology.”

What makes Integrated Communications a ‘one-stop-shop’ is their mobility, software and hardware partnerships with companies like Sprint Business, Honeywell, Panasonic and ProClip. These partnerships facilitate their ability to deliver turn-key, fully integrated solutions that are ready to use out of the box. According to Chris Saunders, Sprint has gone through a complete transformation into an almost entirely new and substantially improved wireless carrier, Panasonic has recently launched innovative ruggedized mobile tablets and handhelds, Honeywell has been a staple in field mobility and ProClip has been the best in the mounting industry for years. The evolution and consistency of all these respective partners have helped Integrated Communications in delivering the most evolved and proficient solution portfolio.

Going the Extra Mile

With the sole aim to exceed its customers’ expectations, Integrated Communications has come a long way in supplying turnkey field mobility solutions since their humble beginnings. Their industry expertise and unparalleled support generate value that has been recognized by their customers year after year. To go the extra mile, the company focused on the FMCSA’s ELD mandate in 2017. Integrated Communications developed and sourced turnkey tablet and smartphone bundles for trucking companies that needed to deploy mobile technology to power their electronic driver logging systems. This included mobile devices, ruggedizing cases, mounts with integrated charging, mobile connectivity, MDM, and staging.

Giving a sneak-peek into Integrated Communications’ future, Liane Saunders mentions that their strategy for 2018 and beyond is to enhance the mobility bundling expertise in the company’s core industries such as transportation, DSD, beverage, foodservices, and field service. The principles of the field mobility bundle are generally the same, regardless of the company and intended end user. It typically requires a mobile device, mobile connectivity, mounting, MDM, sometimes a printer and almost always staging and setup. She further mentions that Integrated Communications leverages the latest trends to keep their customers at the forefront of upcoming mobility movements and revolutions and will stick to this overarching aim. “We don’t want our customers left in obscurity, we want them to be the best at what they do, and our mobile solutions can effectively help them get there,” concludes Liane Saunders.

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