Integrated Informatics Inc.: Bottom-Line Improvements Through Ideas, Innovations, and Imagination

Jason Humber, Principal Consultant
The oil and gas industry is an incubator for ideas and innovations, where the size of the prize has spurred on novel technological and scientific advancements having far-reaching benefits. This spirit of continuous improvement, fused with a large dose of imagination, is what lead to the start of Integrated Informatics in 2002. Now a leading consultancy for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) implementation and development, the firm offers innovative solutions to resolve issues in the realms of spatial data management, workflow automation, and decision support for the oil and gas sector.

“The team at Integrated Informatics holds in-depth experience in multiple technologies and a strong passion for GIS. The firm works with clients to choose, design, develop, and implement the right technology stack for automated analyses, data management, and decision support.” says Jason Humber, Principal Consultant. “We are known for our custom solutions and consulting but we also offer a number of commercial products that address specific niches – two such products are Integrated Geomancy and Marco Studio.”

Integrated Geomancy provides a comprehensive and holistic methodology allowing for full integration and interaction between numerous factors involved in field development, such as environmental, economic, construction, and reclamation. Designed with the Oil and Gas professional in mind, Geomancy is able to address and balance the constraints imposed by regulatory, land, drilling, geology, engineering, and environmental to produce a field-wide development plan.

The product serves as a platform for departments to efficiently work together by encouraging the inclusion of data from numerous specialties to produce multiple design options for well pad locations, well lateral layouts, pipeline gathering systems, and access roads. Through its streamlined design, Geomancy allows companies to gain significant efficiencies during field development planning – both saving time and dramatically reducing costs.
“Controlling costs and saving money will never go out of style in the Oil and Gas sector,” adds Humber.

Another offering from Integrated Informatics, Marco Studio, helps in spatial data discovery and management. While predominantly used in the Oil and Gas sector, it is readily applicable across any company or entity that manages geo data. The suite of tools bundled into Marco Studio aid in reconciling missing and moved datasets, identifying data clutter, finding datasets critical to business decisions, and pinpointing data that should be stewarded, governed, and managed. “The tools available in the Marco Studio suite are used worldwide and assist companies with managing massive amounts of data and references to those datasets,” adds Humber.

Our products offer advanced decision support and data management capabilities, designed with ease of use in mind. Integrated Geomancy and Marco Studio, in particular, have proven to be assets to the Oil and Gas industry

In addition to Oil and Gas centric applications, Integrated Informatics has commercial drone operations in Canada which provide vehicle tracking services for real-time fleet tracking, perform environmental analysis, and much more. The firm is now extending its reach to the area of time-based modeling and enhanced visualization. Meanwhile, they are keeping an eye out for product integration possibilities with other commercial applications that perform other specialized analyses. “We will also continue to develop Marco Studio, bringing familiar search capabilities to spatial data with the ultimate goal of simplifying spatial data discovery and management across the enterprise,” concludes Humber.

Integrated Informatics

Houston, TX

Jason Humber, Principal Consultant

Integrated Informatics Inc. is a leading consultancy for Geographic Information System (GIS) implementation and development.