Integrated Media Group: Enabling Growth with Salesforce and Digital Marketing

Gil Lantini, Co-Founder
Marketing is a crucial area of focus for businesses in their pursuit of reaching potential customers. However, as the digital landscape continues to evolve, many companies are struggling to adopt the latest technologies. Integrated Media Group (IMG), a Salesforce Partner and Digital Marketing Agency, recognizes the advantage of properly implementing Salesforce solutions for customer relationship management (CRM) to help manage customer data more effectively, track leads in the sales pipeline and improve operational efficiency. In addition to adopting the proper technology, businesses also require more visibility on their prospects, and guidance for marketing strategies and execution. As a full-service agency, Integrated Media Group assists companies with building their brand awareness, enabling growth, increasing revenue, and integrating technology solutions to scale more effectively. “We leverage the Salesforce platform to help clients develop and execute marketing campaigns with our highly skilled team of designers, web developers, marketing experts, and Salesforce certified technology consultants,” states Gil Lantini, co-founder of IMG.

When engaging with clients, IMG addresses a problem from a holistic standpoint instead of searching for a specific issue as a starting point. IMG begins by breaking down a client’s operations into small components—the different systems in use, the manner in which projects are handled and new leads acquired, and how new business is being generated. The comprehensive analysis helps identify pain points throughout the client’s various processes and allows IMG to implement a solution that helps build brand awareness, grow their customer base, and integrate technology to increase operational efficiency. “We spend a lot of time understanding our clients to determine how we can help them with a combination of technology and marketing services,” adds Lantini.

IMG has developed a model called “Brand. Grow. Integrate.” that services the three areas in which clients require assistance. Rather than positioning IMG’s services as Salesforce consulting, social media marketing, or web development, the “Brand. Grow. Integrate.” model covers a wide range of digital marketing and technology requirements.

We leverage the Salesforce platform to help clients develop and execute marketing campaigns with our highly skilled team of designers, web developers, marketing experts, and Salesforce certified technology consultants

With IMG’s model, clients do not need to request specific services. Instead, they can approach the project with a goal in mind and let IMG align the proper solutions to meet those goals.

Regarding this approach, Lantini mentions a recent project with a successful B2B client in the Event Management industry that lacked marketing automation. The client relied on sales representatives to make cold calls throughout the day with no consistent follow-up process in place. While the client was using Salesforce, it did not help their sales team generate more revenue, since it was set up primarily to manage data. The challenge was to convert the tens of thousands of leads into sales. Leveraging Pardot, a Salesforce Marketing Automation tool, IMG collaborated with the client to build a series of nurture campaigns, multiple landing pages, and call to action scripts that essentially empowered the sales team with tools to focus on selling rather than chasing leads. An automated follow-up process was set up within the client’s existing Salesforce system and the insights gained from this marketing engine led to the client doubling their revenue in two years.

As a leading Salesforce Partner, IMG has helped hundreds of small and medium businesses align sales and marketing teams through technology to streamline operations and enable growth. IMG is focused on continuously providing value to their clients with the goal of working with them as a long-term partner, whether it is through Salesforce consulting or outsourced marketing.

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Gil Lantini, Co-Founder and Ralph Coppolino, Co-Founder

Helps companies build brand awareness, grow their client base, and integrate technology to increase operational efficiency

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