Integration Objects: Empowering Operations for Increased Manufacturing Output and Efficiency

Samy Achour, President and Founder
With the increasing client requests for products, services and offerings, manufacturers are vying for a productive working model which can consolidate the most recent advancements to bring in customer satisfaction. However, to remain economically viable and have an effective business process, the manufacturing sector has to meet many challenges such as cost of operations, managing unplanned events and retaining knowledge of the resources. “More importantly, the real challenge lies in quickly addressing or predicting process disturbances or abnormal conditions that propagate many other issues such as broken schedule, quality, production, energy consumption, asset protection, and consequently profitability,” begins Samy Achour, President and Founder, Integration Objects. Headquartered in, Houston, TX, Integration Objects addresses such issues through its analytical application that takes in large amounts of historical manufacturing data and automatically extracts knowledge from it to have an in-depth understanding of the processes and operations, and execute that knowledge in real time to empower operations with decision making.

Integrations Objects’s analytical platform, ‘KnowledgeNet Analytics’ and its suite of products, allows to model knowledge in the form of complex and abnormal event detection, expert rules, performance computation, advanced analytical and regression models and workflows to represent best practices, and deploy them online.“Also, KnowledgeNet allows to use the existing knowledge to tie the dots together, and empower end-users to make faster, accurate and more informed decisions, that positively impact the bottom line,” says Samy Achour.

In addition, Integration Objects’ OPC tunneling solution protects process control and industrial networks against any non-authorized applications and users as well as malicious attacks. “It allows to carry process data for enterprise applications with the guarantee of data integrity,” says Samy Achour.

Integration Objects advanced solutions cover a wide range of Manufacturing Operational Management (MOM) applications. The applications focus on key issues that can impact safety and production.Users—from operators in the control room to senior management, interact with Integration Objects’ applications through graphical dashboards that notify any forecasted or detected drop in operations performance, along with the root cause of the problem and recommendation of correction action.
“KnwoledgeNet specially allows users a significant reduction of the cycle time to detect and diagnose a specific problem and the added value will maximize the cost effectiveness of any operations,” says Samy Achour.

Integration Objects has served its clients in a big way to solve complex issues with its unique and powerful products portfolio. In one instance, the customers in a refinery facility had started facing problems during transition modes such as change of grade, start up and shutdowns, longer time to diagnose process disturbances, overconsumption of expansive raw material and at times, unplanned shutdowns. “In fact, their problems grew significantly when some of their most senior operators retired,” states Samy Achour. Ever since Integration Objects deployed its systems, the refinery facility did not have a single plant shutdown, or production slowdown.

KnowledgeNet specially provides significant reduction of the cycle time to detect and diagnose a specific problem and the added value maximizes the cost effectiveness of any operations

Maintaining their focus on serving the manufacturing sector, Integration Objects has developed a deep understanding of the needs and challenges of this industry. The company has packaged its technology to be deployed in a very short time. “Infact, our software products have been designed such that it is very simple to implement without the need of having a systems or software engineer,” says Samy Achour.

Moving Forward, Integration Objects is investing primarily in developing vertical applications that can address specific customer’s problems with high return on investment. “We are in the process of designing and developing a machine learning technology that will be a breakthrough in the manufacturing world,” concludes Samy Achour.

Integration Objects

Houston, TX

Samy Achour, President and Founder

Integration Objects is a systems integrator and solutions provider specialized in operations and manufacturing technology.