Integration Partners: Enhancing Enterprise Data Networking

Bart Graf, Principal & Co-Founder
Enterprises worldwide have to keep pace with the growing network infrastructure needs, caused due to rapid growth in data volume driven by latest innovations in technology like the wireless and smart phone proliferation. It has become a priority for many organizations to provide their workforce reliable and secure data across any network. Companies are looking for perfect unification of various communication tools for assimilation of data, through secure technological solutions for their business growth. Hence, the need for a network infrastructure to enhance enterprise communication and for the better working of the corporation arises. Integration Partners headquartered in Lexington, MA, designs, implements and supports secure networks. “We are an engineering firm with roots in enterprise data networking, staffed with professionals who are well certified,” says David Nahabedian, Principal and Co-Founder, Integration Partners.

Founded in 1999, Integration Partners is a Unified Communications and Data Solutions provider serving enterprises in a range of industries, including healthcare, education, to address their network infrastructure needs. Integration Partners offers integration of LAN and WANs for bandwidth-intensive applications and best-of-breed routers and switches. The company also offers full network visibility by providing enterprise-grade firewalls and access control and authentication. “At our firm, we design and maintain secure network infrastructures from next-generation green data centers to local campuses and remote users,” adds Nahabedian. Integration Partners works with organizations to put together a single communications network using wireless, IP telephony, and cloud computing, amongst others so everyone can stay in touch through their various devices, from any place.

With over a decade of partnership with Juniper Networks, the firm recommends Juniper’s open and scalable solutions to run the world’s largest and most demanding global networks. Integration Partners offers a consultative insight to the IT companies on
Juniper’s offerings that include Network Edge Services Product suite for enhanced solutions in transaction technologies to help businesses improve their scale and performance in networks. Additionally, Juniper’s Featured Network Management is another solution that Integration Networks constantly works with. This enables organizations to utilize the data that are planted in their networks to create differentiated applications. The Featured Network Operating System Products offer Junos OS and Junosphere. The Juno OS encompasses network routing, and network operating services in a unified operating system, while Junosphere facilitates realistic network modeling using virtual Junos OS routers. "The association with Juniper Networks has provided our team with the resources and solutions needed to win in today's competitive landscape," confides Nahabedian.

We are an engineering firm with roots in enterprise data networking, staffed with professionals who are well certified

A multitude of companies have benefitted from the solutions offered by Integration Partners. In one instance, a company in the distribution and retail industry needed to recharge its data center network in order to support its business growth. The company was also rolling out new retail technologies to its Interstate retail stores. They approached Integration Partners seeking a solution to refresh the data center to support business growth and applications. With the help of Integration Partners’ timely assistance the firm saw a significant reduction in the solution execution time.

Moving forward, Integration Partners plans to continue focusing on providing network solutions. “Data is growing massively and hence there is increasing pressure on the CIO’s to enhance their solutions in network infrastructure. We want to do our best to cater to the growing network infrastructure needs,” concludes Nahabedian.

Integration Partners

Lexington, MA

Bart Graf, Principal & Co-Founder

Integration Partners designs, implements and supports secure, fully converged networks using the best solutions the industry offers.