Integrationworx: Maximizing Efficiency and Enabling Seamless Integration

Mark MacIver, CEO
The pace of data movement has quickened dramatically in recent years. This calls for new strategies for integrating data at the speed of business. Subsequently, companies are increasingly relying on data analytics in their decision making and their success can be determined by their ability to unlock the value of data and transforming it into trusted information. Although diversity brings greater data value, complexities can also emerge. With the proliferation of data sources, types and stores, enterprises are striving to deal with silos of data that are gathered from disparate sources while keeping it secure and managing it across different platforms. It is increasing the challenge of combining data into meaningful and actionable insights. Many data management systems and solutions are emerging in the market to address the problem of data inundation, but very few developments and efforts have been made towards integrating diverse pieces of information to realize end-objectives. While companies are investing in initiatives to increase the amount of data at their disposal, most are spending more time finding the data they need than making use of it in a beneficial way. “One common element within the challenges that CIO's face across all industries is data and the need to keep it secure, to manage it across different platforms and to deal with silos of data across systems built with little to no integration in mind. Data has become an essential asset with more being collected and generated faster then ever before,” asserts Mark MacIver, CEO, Integrationworx. Amassing a great deal of experience in delivering efficient data integration solutions, the firm uses a number of integration technologies and techniques to help companies address and overcome their market challenges. The firm guides companies to consider their data as an asset by focusing on their processes, business-driven needs/results, and flexible architecture. “We work in many different industries and can often provide interesting insight into what may be a better approach to solving critical data integration issues. The results can be realized as a competitive advantage or a unique way to save money or use resources more efficiently,” states MacIver.

Adapting to Recent Trends

Data integration now involves much more than extract, transform and load processes–it encompasses a wide range of tools and methodologies supporting real-time integration as well as traditional batch-oriented approaches. “The proliferation of data across organizations now spans traditional on-premise, cloud based, third party software as a service, mobile and business partners in B2B communications,” says MacIver. As traditional approaches towards data management and collation do not tend to scale well, Integrationworx delivers various hybrid methods that enable firms to leverage on their prior investments using newer technologies such as Hadoop, Amazon RedShift, and Google BigQuery. By exploring new markets and offerings alongside assisting customers to unravel business opportunities, the company integrates concise pools of information that are drawn on to feed transactional and analytic systems. As the industry changes present an upheaval, “we keep our employees well informed, trained and experienced with the latest trends and balance it with solid design and architecture,” asserts MacIver.

Real-world Solutions and Best Practices

Integrationworx’s five important services for data integration involve strategic development, analysis and design, solution implementation, operational management, training and skills development. The firm takes a holistic approach to understand the broader goals and challenges of an organization. “We capture the dependencies, inter dependencies and linkages both procedurally and technically. We help identify any gaps that may be present and then we work with an organization to implement and execute the right business solutions,” says MacIver.

“We also ensure that the businesses are able to participate, provide feedback and identify required changes as the solution is implemented.” Alternatively, the firm’s Analysis and Design services are engaged to ensure that the functional and non-functional needs are both feasible and attainable.

Through continuous practice and improvement, our service offerings address a wide spectrum of business needs which ultimately leads to better results for clients

Operational management helps companies to acquire the required information in a consolidated view, ensures quality and completeness in a timely manner, and helps businesses convert materials and labor into relevant goods and services. “We prepare data and feeds for integration in a systematic way—allowing organizations to become more efficient and effective,” states MacIver. Additionally, Integrationworx’s team of consultants possesses a diverse set of skills within the sphere of business intelligence, data warehousing, as well as data integration. “As an organization backed with the support and deep acumen of staff carrying expertise in offering integration services with both efficiency and effectiveness, we believe in thoroughly investing in internal training and development programs,” explains MacIver.

Making the Most of Resources

With the use of integration technologies that are available in the competitive industry, the firm shows tenacity for staying relevant, delivering technology and services, and validating the client’s business objectives to satisfy their customers. The firm’s consultants have diversity of skill ranging from developer roles to architects and strategists which further allows them to take up any project role that the client requires. “We also explore new markets and offerings while remaining efficient, creative, and pushing our envelope,” says MacIver. Integrationworx is quick to adapt and scales its approach and solutions to fit the client’s needs.

“Through continuous practice and improvement, our service offerings address a wide spectrum of business needs which ultimately leads to better results for clients,” delineates MacIver. In an implementation highlight, Integrationworx assisted one of its clients who were struggling to manage their workspace with bulk facilities for their product. The firm aided in cleaning and consolidating their data and made it easy to compare different scenarios. In addition, Integrationworx also recommended two options for arriving at a solution—place the new facilities close to some of their largest customers and targeting new grouped customers in a contained system. The data for the solution was shown with thematic maps along with the distances for radius, thereby helping the client to select best locations throughout the country based on their regional market needs and existing coverage.

From Ideas to Implementation: The Journey Ahead

Having been in the industry for a decade, and generating an exponential growth, Integrationworx’s services are aimed towards steering client’s business to be more profitable—reducing costs, rolling out new systems and programs to increase overall efficiency. The firm is focused on constantly innovating to improve effectiveness and data integration capabilities. On a progressive note, “We aim to offer and provide our solutions using internet-based services removing geographical boundaries, thereby expanding our services internationally,” states MacIver.

Integrationworx has five principle owners that have worked together on data integration projects for over 20 years. They have all come from large multi-national organizations that are outstanding and well recognized. Observing and learning what worked and did not work within these companies allows them to, “focus on a winning strategy that helps us make our customers succeed and continue to build a strong team to deliver on this,” concludes MacIver.


Winnipeg, Canada

Mark MacIver, CEO

Integrationworx offers development of re-usable conversion and migration routines to consolidate and prepare data for movement into new applications