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While major business houses are well-purposed to deliver products and services to their respective end markets, the lack of a system to track the progress of a project is a common hindrance at small and medium enterprises. The inability to monitor the course of a product’s journey from development through to delivery can dampen relationships with customers leading to a damaged reputation.

Organizations must rely on their professional services department and keep a close check on every step—from design to final product—to deploy individuals who can act swiftly in developing enterprise software and hardware or creating consumer products and services. Enabling clients to maintain a strict time frame and pocket-friendly budget releases, Integrin Enterprise Solutions’ PSA platform enables users to optimally manage resource, time, budget and cost in completing a project.

"In Case Of Any Unforeseen Issues, Users Can Make Adjustments To Their Budget Or Resources And Guarantee On Time Project Delivery"

By tracking a project, senior management and project managers can access real-time product and services development progress and ensure that digital and physical professional resources (human resources) are optimally used. Previously, project administrators ran the risk of human error by manually entering information on time and expense tracking while communicating to the customers about any potential risk to project budget and delivery.

Integrin’s PSA platform eliminates the risk by automatically sending data highlighting hours clocked and the amount spent in a particular workflow, project, or task. Integration with various accounting systems allows IT product and service companies to run projects with optimal financial tracking to ensure efficient revenue documentation and resourceful budget allocation. Integrin also embeds an add-on technology module that shows available budget and human resources that can be repurposed to complete a project nearing the deadline. Transparent across the entire project development and delivery stages, Integrin pushes past the hurdles that prevent its clients from staying on the right track in building and deploying products and services.

Unifying Professional Services

Operation Management

Integrin’s all-in-one PSA software can streamline the lack of interoperability brought on by time-consuming tasks often stemming from managing separate platforms to track the time, resource and cost of development workflows. C-level executives and decision-makers can reduce human error when displaying critical datasets as all systems are networked to give uniform data. Based on a low-code framework, Integrin’s platform can be easily customized to fit into a client’s IT infrastructure, and authorized users can configure new worfkows to the system according to their choice.

“All parties are involved, all parties are informed, and there are no surprises,” says Sakthivel Vellingiri, Co-Founder at Integrin Enterprise Solutions.
Developed with high-security breach control, Integrin ensures the confidentiality and integrity of client customer data per information privacy compliance. A role-based access control mechanism ensures that no one besides users authorized through functional roles can access the information and share necessary content with user groups. Integrin uses in-built authentication services to effectively manage identities, resources, and permissions when working with the client’s cloud provider.

“In case of any unforeseen issues, users can optimize budget or resources allocation and guarantee on time project delivery,” says Niharita Loganathan, Marketing Manager at Integrin Enterprise Solutions. Removing any unpredictability from the product, services, and professional services equation, Integrin empowers its clients with an increase in billable utilization of re-sources to garner superior ROI.

Designed to run as a SaaS system on the cloud, the PSA platform can automatically adjust compute or networking architecture based on a company’s current set of operations. As Integrin’s clients continue to scale, the elasticity to induce larger loads makes adding resources to the hardware or nodes easier. Under certain circumstances, if a client crosses a given financial limit, Integrin empowers them to analyze the financial data and cross verify with their customers to recalculate the project budget. Integrin encapsulates every tool for successful professional services deployment within its PSA platform, treating users to exemplary analysis for time, cost, and resource tracking. Since financial expenditure tracking is part of Integrin’s solution, invoice generation is faster, resulting in much faster incoming payments for the client.

All-in User Benefit Orientation

Conducting intensive sessions with potential customers, Integrin gathers information unique to a company before designing and implementing a particular version of its PSA platform. The interactions allow Integrin to design and deploy customized software based on clients’ unique requirements in weeks.

“We configure our PSA platform to meet potential clients’ needs and enable them to connect their various data sources to our software without any hassle,” adds Vellingiri.

To test an exclusively configured system’s feasibility, before delivery for user acceptance and final implementation as a SaaS or on-premise platform, Integrin runs every possible check on its cloud server. As billability is vital for software development, users can view data for all billable and non-billable work to verify the total budget, incurred costs, and profitability of a project. This advanced visibility allows users to control their businesses completely and identify real-time risks that can affect a project.
Mobile-friendly and accessible everywhere, executives and project managers can also use Intergrin’s PSA platform to derive exact timeframes for project delivery based on project scope and resource availability. Managers can also request new projects that come into a pipeline and convert customer-closed sales deals into projects.

All Parties Are Involved, All Parties Are Informed, And There Are No Surprises

Integrin empowers its users to select and deploy resources to a given project while considering a staff’s talent and educational level by integrating a skills and training management module within the PSA software. Companies can boost project margins and billable utilization as addi-tional resources become available to work on projects by accessing a list of physical and digital assets that can address an active problem.

Minimal Software Maximal Effectiveness

Integrin offers an all-in-one PSA platform to help realize highly advantageous outputs like active clock charts and precise resource allocation to validate time and cost tracking. While most cus-tomers do not require significant changes, Integrin’s PSA platform is designed to enable users to add custom workflows and unique screens to function within the system. For clients to delve into an uber-cool PSA realm, Integrin is designing a module to allow users to automate ongoing customer relationships. When a client’s customer requires a change, the statement of work can be created or altered within the PSA platform, and the paperwork can be sent to the customer for review. At launch, users can perform all documentation, including pipeline tracking, digital signature authorized legal paperwork, skills and training management for deploying optimal human resources.

Working predominantly in the life sciences space, Integrin is focusing on creating a quality management platform for document authoring, approval, digital signing, and proper testing to let researchers take corrective and preventive actions. With an all-inclusive platform, life sciences companies can improve quality and compliance during clinical trials or drug development. Integrin also offers DEA controlled substance Inventory, Compliance & Reporting platform (IDEA) to comply with the regulatory requirements of life sciences organizations that are dealing with controlled substances.

Integrin is building a unified eCommerce ERP platform (ICE) in the retail sector that will allow business owners to reach out to end markets across a broader avenue of devices. An end-user can begin an order from their home computer, finalize the transaction on their mobile, and complete the process using a tablet during commute while switching between various mediums of digital interaction. As professional services automation becomes a norm across all industries, Integrin will add more features synonymous with other market spaces and study the latest trends to improve its PSA platform. [Note: PSA Platform as it stands right now is not limited to Life Sciences and ecommerce, it is already open for other industries as well].

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Integrin Enterprise Solutions is a company that enables organizations to optimally manage resource, time, budget and cost by tracking a project and empowering optimal utilization of digital and physical resources. Besides the professional services automation (PSA) platform, Integrin is creating a quality management platform for document authoring, approval, digital signing, and proper testing to let researchers take corrective and preventive actions. Integrin is building a unified eCommerce ERP platform in the retail sector that will allow business owners to reach out to end markets to have a unified user experience across a broader avenue of channels or devices

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