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Rich Barker, President & Owner
Security threats surrounding next-gen cyber attacks, ransomware outrages and virus attacks loomed large across schools in the US. To mitigate these challenges and protect systems, many schools look toward network solutions from various vendors. However, one company's name is becoming the buzzword in these circles, that of Lebanon, Indiana based Integrity Network Solutions. The company offers network solutions, security solutions, and integrated MSP. But the real beauty lies in the company's approach. Rich Barker, the president, and owner of the company, says – “Right after capturing and discerning needs from clientele; we try to frame a systemized technologically sound and secure solution to ensure that our clients experience confidence and stability in their enterprise environments.”

The solutions are designed as per requirement on an adhoc basis by using established frameworks to adapt to clients' particular needs. Integrity Network Solutions extensively relies on 5th Generation Firewall technology that is responsible for deep packet inspection and Endpoint Threat Emulation/Extraction solutions to protect computer systems. Their planned infrastructure, which is thoughtfully designed by experienced industry advisors, helps them serve clients better. As a testament to this Dennis Bagley, Director of Technology at Eastern Howard Community Schools, says, “Eastern Howard has a longstanding and vital relationship with Integrity Network Solutions. They have been crucial in the acquisition, configuration, and maintenance of our IT infrastructure. We trust and depend upon their kind and knowledgeable staff.”

Integrity Network Solutions also provides managed services programs to their clients—for even one with a tight budget. Some Technology Directors are comfortable allowing their staff to own a portion of the network and desktop support and administration, but are looking for help when it comes to managing the enterprise layer. Integrity’s Core MSP makes it easier for a school to deal with network security, switches, WiFi, and virtual/cloud servers and services. Integrity Network Solutions also presents a Premium Enterprise Plan (PEP) designed to “Rescue Your Resources” and find solutions for problems while helping the client regain control of their IT.

The solutions we provide enable us to monitor the network security and firewall 24x7 across the enterprise thus, letting us track threats in real-time

Since its inception, this company has served institutions and school corporations like Western Boone Schools, Wes-Del Community Schools, Sheridan Community Schools, Flat Rock Hawcreek Schools, Edinburgh Community Schools, Cowan Community Schools, and many others.

Integrity Network Solutions were also Gold Sponsors at the Hoosier Educational Computer Coordinators Conference (HECC), held on November at Crown Plaza, Indianapolis IN. HECC aims to be a valuable resource to professionals and teachers who want to maximize the utility that technology has to offer in schools and classrooms. HECC is a member-driven organization that provides resources, networking, community, and a yearly technology conference to its members who are teachers and technology professionals in K-12 school systems.

All this said and done, the motto of the company continues to remain the same, “Staying Connected.” The firm continues to hold up its philosophy by thoughtfully designing solutions that are crafted to suit the particular requirement of clients. Integrity Network Solutions’ offerings are as deep as they are broad, and it brings together an array of solutions like security and performance, advanced troubleshooting, wireless assessments, backup/disaster recovery, mobile device management, firewall, system monitoring and alerting, advanced system automation, trend analysis and reporting, and preventive maintenance to name a few. The upcoming year looks promising, and Integrity Network Solutions is poised and ready to be of assistance.

Integrity Network Solutions

Lebanon, IN

Rich Barker, President & Owner

Founded in 2003, Integrity Network Solutions is a provider of quality support for academic and commercial network environment. With the belief that business can be managed in a way that benefits both this company and the school corporations and businesses it serves, Integrity Network Solutions strives to foster a genuinely exceptional work atmosphere for men and women. The company's goal is to create an atmosphere, a culture, of respect and trust. This culture will produce leadership that cares about relationships, and more importantly, about people