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Mike Ponder, President & CEO
Integrity Payment Systems has been carving a niche in the retail payment sector since its inception in 2003. Established on an idea to fill a void of customer service excellence in payment processing services merchants and sales channels, “we've developed into a true, all in house one stop shop, with flexible solutions meeting the payment processing needs of merchants and sales channels with extremely high levels of customer service,” explains Mike Ponder, CEO and President, Integrity Payment Systems. Today, the company extends its services to Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), a sector also facing similar constraints from a service and support standpoint. With an array of solutions designed and built around merchant needs, Integrity is playing a noteworthy role in solving the payment puzzle for specific market segments including e-commerce.

Integrity’s tools and products for payment acceptance, processing and settlement support integrations with various Point of Sale (PoS) systems. With PoS integration, the company gives merchants the flexibility to switch systems with no disruption to their businesses. Clients can reliably process all types of electronic payments using the different technologies offered by the company including mobile swipers, dippers and terminals. An example is Integrity Mobile, a mobile PoS that provide reporting and analytics tools with inventory management to accept payments on the go.

Additionally, Integrity’s online portal helps clients get instant reports to keep track of all their processing activities. From the online portal, clients can also access their marketing score with the analytics component displaying the performance of their online marketing efforts. “Users can also add features like email messaging, review management, and campaigns as they grow,” adds Ponder.

While many vendors in the payment processing space use multiple third party services at the backend—which sometimes put the clients in jeopardy— Integrity stands out by offering control over every transaction— from capture to payment.

Our organization is an in-house one stop shop for all aspects of payment processing that our clients need to operate more profitably

“We perform all parts of the transaction lifecycle in house, including depositing money into the client’s bank account once the transaction is processed,” says Ponder. Integrity’s processing services are complemented with additional value added services such as Overnight Money Express, EasyPay and AutoSave which perform functions like making funds available the next day, paying recurring bills and directing a portion to a savings account. Further, with its Easy PCI compliance program, encryption and tokenization services, the company ensures fraud protection and security of client data. All of Integrity's terminals are EMV compliant, which reduces card present fraud and ensures Integrity’s merchants are up to date with the most secure card acceptance practices. Integrity’s in-house risk management team also helps avoid risks and reduce the number of chargebacks received.

The company’s latest development is the Integrity Business Exchange (IBX), a payment gateway and integration services platform, making their APIs available for ISVs and developers who need to add payment acceptance to their software. The platform has been recently EMV certified, allowing its users to offer EMV chip card acceptance to their customers. “This is a great solution for developers who are servicing merchants who accept card-present transactions like retail, healthcare, spa and salon, and others, since the hardware and software work together to create an elegant EMV compliance platform,” says Peter Korp, SVP of Technology, Integrity. “We are also planning to incorporate predictive analytics into portals for both the merchants as well as ISVs.”

Integrity Payment Systems

Des Plaines, IL

Mike Ponder, President & CEO

Provider of merchant accounts and payment solutions that go beyond a typical payment processor and are designed to improve cash flow, solve business problems

Integrity Payment Systems