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Kapil Chopra, CEO
With the web turning into the most sought after channel for communication today, every business is utilizing it as a platform for promotion and advertisement of products and services. Owing to its numerous benefits, organizations from multiple industries have started leveraging the noteworthiness of web application development that has contributed to the growth of APIs. “A lot is changing in the way web applications are being developed today,” says Kapil Chopra, CEO, Intelegain. “The agile web application development approach deployed by us gives a key direction to the development process and is also accompanied with the proficient engineering techniques and adroit management consulting.” The company with significant experience of web application development has been delivering remarkable apps, with their knowledge, abilities, cross-platform expertise on recent technological trends. Although, Intelegainis strategically focused on web applications and mobile app development, they also cater to areas like POS (Point of Sale), Loyalty Management, Payment Solutions Apps, E-Learning Apps, Web applications around Workforce Management, sales, and ERP.

According to Chopra, amidst today’s ongoing technological evolution, CIOs are looking for solution providers that consider innovation as an end to end process. “The CIOs are considering crowd sourcing ideas from customers, partners, and suppliers to bring in deeper business collaboration and invest in emerging technologies,” adds Chopra. “Organizations therefore need to evolve from the traditional models of development.” Intelegain operates with a unique approach of ‘Problem Finding’ and ‘Solution First’which is labeled as their ‘Design Thinking Methodology’ to assist customers in realizing the business goals and making informed IT decisions. “Our key differentiating factor to customers is providing great User Experiences. We need to always look at the user who is at the bottom of the pyramid,” says Chopra.

The history of Intelegain traces back to 2000 when it was founded as a dot com company in the financial services space to provide equity research content to financial institutions. The company evolved over the years as they positioned their vision, and aligning strengths in pursuit of interim and long term goals.

Trust ideally should be the most important currency in business

“Our aim has always been to create a ‘value’ driven company that has integrity and works with clients in creating value for their business,” explains Chopra. “En-route, we even invested in a couple of strategic online ventures like and wherein, Intelegain has served as the technology enabler for these two online businesses.” The company’s technology stack currently encompasses Microsoft .NET, iOS, Android, PHP, NodeJS, and Angular JS to name a few.

An example portraying the company’s expertise in web applications involves a renowned Dallas based e-filing firm who signed up with Intelegain to develop a Litigation Management System. Intelegain offered a web based platform as an all-in-one technology suite that attorneys can use from lead generation to legal research to case management. The company assisted the client with digitizing and e-enabling filing across the states in U.S. alongside integrating e-signing using DocuSign for electronically signing and verifying documents. The product also manages cloud based file storage management, and pleadings management through a large library repository. The product rolled out effectively within the 12 months after its development cycle, standing as a testament to Intelegain’s team effective planning and delivery strategy.

The company’s management philosophy revolves around a simple belief of treating their customers and employees as primary stakeholders. Intelegain is trying to grow its brand organically and increase their global footprint, working with businesses and startups to develop new products and achieve success. “In a crowded space, it is important to have a silver lining and our clients are that silver lining who’ve have been a part in our journey and continue to be the same,” concludes Chopra.

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Kapil Chopra, CEO

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