Intelemage: Secure and Compliant Access to Medical Images and Clinical Data

CIO VendorDan Braga, Co-founder and VP-Business Development
As the digital-imaging realm is embraced across the healthcare sector, there arose a need for secure and compliant access to medical images and associated data for all players in the healthcare system. “The exchange of medical images and associated data in the healthcare ecosystem has historically been a manual and time-consuming process,” expounds Dan Braga, Co-founder and VP, Business Development, Intelemage. “There was an increased demand to make this process faster, more compliant, and less expensive.”

Intelemage, through its flagship medical image sharing solution known as the InteleGRID, has brought significant value to all players in the healthcare space including physicians, hospitals, research organizations, and life sciences companies.“The combination of our image transfer technologies as well as workflow management solutions puts us in a very unique position in the industry,” explains Braga. “Our approach is focused strongly on both the life sciences industry as well as the hospital and physician communities, as you cannot be successful in one without truly understanding the other.”

All Intelemage solutions include the ability to perform edit checks on the medical images, as well as clinical data, prior to ever leaving the sending institution. This significantly decreases errors and ensures that the data is accurate and ready to move on to the next step in the workflow process. Furthermore, Braga emphasizes the need to leverage mobile technologies in various use cases of their technology. For example, orthopedic surgeons are not always in front of a computer when the need for a consult arises, therefore the need to have medical images and associated data available on mobile devices is important. There is little to no barrier to entry to getting started with Intelemage solutions, as all solutions are sold on a transactional basis with minimal to no capital investment required. Moreover, their solutions are highly configurable. “Configurable to us means that the client can make configuration changes without getting the vendor involved, whenever appropriate. Organizations may not know what they want right away, therefore need a system that they can grow with at their own pace, both operationally and financially.” opines Braga.
Additionally, Intelemage solutions are not limited to just moving images from Point A to B. The platform provides secure photo exchange capabilities, live video consults, electronic case forms, and configurable workflows. These additional capabilities open the door for other tele-health use cases that traditional image exchanges cannot provide. Most importantly, the size of the Intelemage global footprint brings additional advantages. “As life science organizations launch new projects, clinical sites selected to participate are most likely already using our technologies for something else, making gettingstarted much easier as our users are not having to introduce new solutions,” adds Braga. This footprint has contributed to the high adoption rates as well as quick project startup timeframes.

Intelemage currently is powering medical image exchange activities for 9 out of the top 10 medical device companies, primarily in the areas of cardiovascular and orthopedic medicine.“Our technology has been deployed globally by many large scale medical device companies to power pre-surgical planning, device sizing, patient qualification, and clinical trial activities,” explains Braga.

The combination of our image transfer technologies as well as workflow management solutions puts us in a very unique position in the industry

Being able to provide solutions that streamline all medical imaging processes, in a cost-efficient manner, is only possible when a company evolves as the technology advances. One also needs to stay focused on the needs and requirements of the industry. “Our culture is to stay in constant contact with the users of our solutions as well as players in the industry. This helps us to create technologies ahead of the curve,” concludes Braga.


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Dan Braga, Co-founder and VP-Business Development

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