InteliSecure: Mitigating Cybersecurity Threats and Data Loss

Steven Drew, CEO and Board Director
With the prevalence of high-volume Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, industrial espionage, and vulnerabilities introduced through Internet of Things (IoT), investing in cyber-security solutions have become a top priority for enterprises today. Compromised customer records, blueprints, intellectual properties, and other mission critical assets, bring business operations to a near standstill. A sophisticated terabit-scale DDoS attack perpetrated by a Mirai botnet preys on and compromises thousands of vulnerable, internet-connected devices across continents to make a server or network resource unavailable to users. With a focus on securing critical enterprise assets, InteliSecure delivers managed and professional security services to continuously monitor and guard them from both internal and external threats. The firm has partnered with Symantec Corporation (NASDAQ: SYMC) to offer managed security services for Data Loss Prevention (DLP). InteliSecure’s DLP services have been crafted to ensure that an enterprise’s mission-critical data assets are accessed only by authorized personnel.

Based out of Denver Tech Center in CO, InteliSecure caters to a broad base of around 500 enterprise clients and three million global users with their managed security services. Guided by a unique Critical Asset Protection Program (CAPP) methodology, InteliSecure delivers continuous security monitoring intelligence solutions that enable organizational leaders to assess the security health of their assets and build business-specific cybersecurity strategies. The firm collaborates with clients to plan, implement, and maintain a protection program based on revenue, income, reputation, and core operational impact of the assets. The business intelligence gathered from this research is converted into a strategy for securing information based on their type, followed by defining the scope of that protection in terms of threat vectors and establishing a roadmap for the program. InteliSecure’s dedicated data protection solutions are a combination of managed security services and ground-breaking technologies from Symantec that enable organizations to implement a cohesive security program for employees, customers, and partners requiring access. The CAPP program encompasses DLP, Identity and Access Management, encryption, user behavior analytics (UEBA), email and web gateways, and Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB).

InteliSecure is innovating how managed security services are being delivered

Additionally, the company has a dedicated managed security services platform that offers efficient consolidation, orchestration and reporting of activities within a customer’s security program. The platform integrates and applies content and context intelligence established through the CAPP and facilitates comprehensive machine data collection, compound correlation, and analysis. With a focus on delivering business-centric Managed Security Services, InteliSecure offers customers a hybrid application that combines expert human intelligence with their CAPP methodology. In one instance, InteliSecure was engaged by a UK-based professional services firm to develop and implement an enterprise-wide DLP program to meet their client’s cybersecurity requirements. The services firm collaborated closely with InteliSecure to develop a pilot program using network monitoring for DLP. The successful implementation of the pilot program helped the client to incorporate security extensions for ongoing alerting, reporting, and incident response processes. The program insights allowed them to drive security awareness, improve work processes and observe user behavioral changes.

“InteliSecure is innovating how managed security services are being delivered,” says Steven Drew, CEO and Board Director, InteliSecure. “The company pioneered managed services for data loss prevention and continues to lead the way in the space.” InteliSecure has come a long way since bagging the title of Symantec Corporation’s North American Managed Innovation Partner of the Year at 2015 Partner Engage Awards. The firm has proved its role as a critical channel partner for Symantec by demonstrating a growing prowess for innovation and an unwavering commitment towards customers.


Greenwood Village, CO

Steven Drew, CEO and Board Director

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