Intelisent: Smarter, Data-driven, Persona-based Marketing

Mark Mandell, President & CEO
In a world where identifying and persuading consumers using traditional marketing methods has become increasingly difficult and complex, brands need to create smarter campaigns to boost sales. They must intelligently leverage data to develop cross-channel acquisition and retention campaigns to engage prospects and customers, thus encouraging them to make purchases. “Organizations should focus on every customer’s journey in order to provide more relevant and personalized experiences that translate to sales for both existing and potential customers,” states Mark Mandell, president and CEO of Intelisent—a full-service marketing agency that grew out of the massive digital print production space. “As costs for printed advertisements surged, brands began to demand more impactful targeting methods and sophisticated creative strategies. This imperative forced companies to personalize their offers—both by customer target and by medium, and effectively improve their marketing return on investment (ROI). Intelisent was founded to address these requirements.” The company offers sophisticated analytical capabilities, including predictive modeling, as well as data-driven marketing initiatives such as creating persona-based customer journeys and individualized campaigns.

Intelisent’s primary objective is to deliver exceptional customer experiences by relying on data patterns that reveal the key factors influencing an individual’s purchase decisions. Based on these factors, Intelisent can categorize a number of diverse personas, map them to relevant customer journeys, design cross-channel creative campaigns that enliven these journeys, and personalize the offers to increase conversions. To convert data into actionable insights, Intelisent relies on its cherry-picked team of data scientists adept at modeling, targeting, and test plan designs. Also, the company’s marketing professionals are experts in devising strategies, humanizing data, and developing campaigns that resonate with target audiences using their channel(s) of preference. “Our team’s proficiency and experience in both analytics and marketing help us translate the driving factors into effective campaigns that deliver the right messages at the right time, using the right medium, while testing plans to improve them over time,” adds Carrie Murray, CMO at Intelisent.

What makes Intelisent’s services unique is their ability to garner customer feedback and spot opportunities to improve on clients’ current marketing efforts using both traditional and advanced technologies. For example, their human biometric response and sentiment testing capabilities help reveal a customer’s actual physical and emotional connection to creatives. The company uses those findings to customize marketing content and personalize promotional messages, at any scale, across infinite variables using templating and dynamic composition. “Being able to work at scale is key, especially with our larger customers,” explains Chris Bennett, CTO and chief solutions architect at Intelisent.

Our team’s proficiency and experience in both analytics and marketing helps us translate the driving factors into effective campaigns that deliver the right messages

“Once we’ve analyzed the data, we can find patterns that allow us to develop personas. Once we understand the persona, we can map the journey they take to become aware of, consider, purchase, and stay loyal to a company. Once we understand the journey, the creative team can develop a complementary strategy and campaign to drive improved marketing results. That’s how we marry data science with creativity.” The company’s Message Factory platform enables organizations with even millions of customers to devise individualized strategies across an unlimited number of sub-segments based on diverse and ever-evolving customer characteristics.

Intelisent primarily focuses on highly regulated industries such as finance, insurance, and healthcare, where user data is extremely complicated and sensitive and demands high-quality, flawless execution. The company clearly understands the complexity of communicating in such sectors and provides proven controls to make personalized messaging secure and effective. The efficacy of Intelisent’s services in driving better marketing outcomes while complying with regulations can be illustrated with its project for a healthcare company. As a direct marketing effort, the client had initiated seasonally-oriented flu shot reminders. Displeased with the campaign ROI, they needed more advanced modeling to drive better response rates and improve their overall marketing investment. Intelisent’s data analytics team carefully reviewed the healthcare provider’s customer data, as well as their previous targeting tactics, and found a link between seasonal campaigns and customers’ age. Leveraging those revealing insights, the company’s creative services team collaborated with the client’s in-house agency to develop a campaign of personalized direct mail, email, and digital messages that ultimately increased store visits by 55.4 percent and conversions by 32 percent.

Intelisent has improved the marketing ROI for a number of clients and will continue to meet the ever-increasing demand for its services. The company now also uses machine learning to identify attributes that can significantly enhance organizations’ marketing strategies. Each campaign that Intelisent develops comprises a rigorous measurement system to help clients effectively demonstrate the value they deliver.


Newington, CT

Mark Mandell, President & CEO and Chris Bennett, CTO & Chief Solutions Architect and Carrie Murray, Chief Marketing Officer

Combines data analytics and creativity to develop personalized marketing strategies and drive better outcomes