InteliSys Aviation Systems: Boosting Airline Profitability

Frank Kays, CEO
We can never forget our customers are operating in one of the most competitive industries in the world. Keeping with our ‘Customer First’ value, everything we do must be helping them succeed” asserts Frank Kays, CEO, InteliSys Aviation Systems. “Buying and implementing a PSS is a major investment of both money and time for our customers. They need to know they are making the right decision for today and for the next 20 years. We are very proud of our track record in this area. It is great to have customers who have been with us since the beginning.”

To ensure InteliSys’ amelia application is the right choice for our clients, the R&D team continues to implement new technologies and are constantly researching others. “Our move to the cloud is a great success in this area in terms of reliability, scalability, and flexibility,” cites Kays. “The change in this industry will not end with standards like NDC, cloud, PaaS or Artificial Intelligence so we are focused on making our organization world class in dealing with change. We cannot say what will have the biggest impact to the industry moving forward, but having an organization ready to deal with change and put our customer’s needs first gives us the best chance to be ready with the solution our customers require today and in the future,” says Kays.

New technologies allow for unique business opportunities. One of the world's fastest growing airlines is VietJetAir in Vietnam. VietJetAir regularly creates large spikes in traffic by offering seat sales for two hours daily, with $0 USD fares to most of Southeast Asia. “Our cloud solution scales ameliaRES to meet the airline’s demands during the sale,” says Kays. “This cloud elasticity provides incredible cost savings to InteliSys’ clients, empowering them with the flexibility they need to compete.”

InteliSys designed ameliaRES—its airline reservation system, with the client at top of mind. “With ameliaRES, airlines are in control as they can react proactively to the real-time market changes,” says Kays.

Our methodology for serving our clients starts with our values: Customer First, Excellence, and Integrity

If the airlines need to modify fares, open seats, or make other changes in real-time to enhance their sales, with ameliaRES they have that option. ameliaRES also opens all sales channels through its robust API suite and legacy Type A and Type B messaging with interline E-ticket connections.”

Additionally, InteliSys’ cargo management tool, ameliaCARGO, offers a unique web portal through which airlines are able to provide their clients the option to log in and pre-book their shipments on specific dates and flights if the carrier so chooses. “ameliaCARGO allows the airlines to pass off certain controls to their clients, in turn empowering them,” says Kays. ameliaCARGO provides the ability to operate independently with built in connectivity that allows transshipments with other carriers worldwide. “The system is built for all models, we support commercial airlines moving cargo, dedicated cargo carriers and handling agents,” informs Kays.

The most important factor in InteliSys’ success is its customers. “Our methodology for serving our clients starts with our values: Customer First, Excellence, Passion, and Integrity. At InteliSys, we hold ourselves accountable to these values everyday. This means we always put the customer at the heart of every decision. Our processes will continue to evolve but our values will not, and this, more than anything, has given us the honor of serving customers for almost 30 years,” says Kays. “We never forget our customers have a choice in providers and we work hard to validate their decision to invest their time and money with InteliSys,” concludes Kays.

InteliSys Aviation Systems


Frank Kays, CEO

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InteliSys Aviation Systems