Intellatek: Comprehensive EdTech Solutions

JJ Christian, Managing Partner
With students increasingly having access to electronic devices, schools are implementing educational technology to improve student performance and prepare them for higher education and employment. EdTech facilitates dynamic teaching methods that better engage students and allows teachers to easily monitor student progress, both inside and outside the classroom. Many K-12 technology providers in the market tend to be more focused on selling products and less on effectively fulfilling a school’s technological needs. Schools require a variety of services from email hosting services, document management, and storage systems to collaboration capabilities between campuses, information technology (IT) support, and professional development. Having worked with school administrators and teachers to understand their technology requirements, Intellatek is a unique, innovative K-12 technology company that provides tailored solutions toward charted, public, and private schools’ technological support. “Our knowledge and experience give schools a trusted partner for their everydayIT support,” says JJ Christian, managing partner of Intellatek. The company provides reliable turnkey solutions for educational technology, network management, and 24/7 IT support.

Intellatek provides educational institutions with a network infrastructure that is designed with enterprise grade equipment and virtualization technology to ensure network reliability. A specialized firewall protects networks from cyberattacks and can be accessed through a single username and password. Intellatek’s network allows students and teachers to use their smartphones to connect to the school network without extensive configuration. The company offers license management services to help track the numerous software applications that schools employ. In addition, to managing day to day technology operations, Intellatek provides schools with support on their student information systems. Edutainment is a new service that schools have shown considerable excitement. One of their recent endeavors had a school invited a Holocaust survivor to share his experiences with students, Intellatek helped to seamlessly broadcast the interactive session to different schools in five states.

Educational Technology Support, that’s ALL we do!

“Such events are not only for educational purposes but also to bring people together in a world filled with so much hate,” adds Christian.

Before collaborating with a school, Intellatek conducts a thorough investigation to determine the possible solutions that meets a school’s requirements. The company helps procure all the equipment needed for the school by reaching out to multiple vendors leveraging their buying power. Each school has different requirements, and at times, faces budget restraints. Under such circumstances, Intellatek’s knowledge and expertise in the educational environment helps provide affordable solutions to their clients. “Educational technology support, that’s all we do,” stated Christian.

Intellatek consults architects to design the location of the various wireless access points, interactive devices, video surveillance systems, phones, cables, and other hardware in a classroom.

A rather young company, Intellatek has been helping schools for about five years and has grown from providing solutions to a single school to 22 schools across Nevada, Colorado, and Hawaii. “We have been invited to various places to conduct presentations and hold talks on how technology can advance the education sector,” remarks Christian. The company also assists in professional development and training of teachers to ensure they are well-versed with the latest advancements in student engagement and technology tools for the classroom. There have been increasing demands from many school districts for Intellatek’s expert services in educational technology. As an effect, “We are upgrading our infrastructure to accommodate several hundred schools and have plans to expand to several other states,” concludes Christian.


Henderson, NV

JJ Christian, Managing Partner

Provides an extensive range of services and solutions tailored toward charter, private, and public school technology support