Intellectual Property Coin Group: Facilitating Blockchain-Based Intellectual Property Transactions

Jim Malackowski, Executive Chairman
James E. Malackowski, Chairman, Co-Founder and Majority Member of Ocean Tomo, has been associated with defining Intellectual Property (IP) as an asset class for more than 30 years. He is recognized as one of the “World’s Leading Intellectual Property Strategists.” A decade ago Malackowski partnered with Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) to explorea trading platform for patents – a central repository to buy and sell rights to use a diverse set of technologies. Several leading global patent owners signed-on as issuers, but the market stalled as the spike in patent troll litigation drained liquidity away from virtually all normal course IP transactions. Not wanting to drive the market through litigation, the IP market was suspended. For Malackowski, such unfinished business would not be forgotten.

Fast forward to the explosion of Bitcoin and related attention to all things blockchain as a modern financial tool. Malackowski saw an opportunity to greatly simplify the traditional mechanics of an exchange and simultaneously add liquidity desperately needed for IP to be successful as a distinct asset class. Reuniting with Ocean Tomo’s former CTO, Jason Cohen, and former Regulatory Counsel, James Falvey, the three IP specialists came together again to establish the Intellectual Property Coin Group, Inc. (IPCG). The mission of IPCG isto provide a single transparent platform for monetization of proprietary technology protected by patents.

IPCG is an Ethereum based blockchain platform and related cryptocurrency designed to facilitate IP based transactions, tied directly to global, in-force government issued patents. IPCG serves both patent owners and coin holders. IPCG presents two products with unique benefits to both patent owners and IPCG coin holders.

IP Coins™ (IPC) or tokens are a planned proprietary cryptocurrency to be offered as a secured loan to patents owners, providing liquidity to purchase and license further patent rights from third parties. IPCG will issue / lend IPCs to patent owners; IPC loans are secured by the borrowers underlying patents. These patent-backed loans will be funded at the then-current IPC market price, in an amount not to exceed 25% of the appraised dollar value of the patent collateral and at a term not more than 5 years.
IPC loans are an interest bearing and may be paid back in IPCs or an approved cryptocurrency based on market pricing at the time of repayment. One-third of interest paid by borrowers will be distributed quarterly on a prorate basis to all holders of IPCs, with the balance of the proceeds used to fund the company’s operations. IPCs used in loan repayment will be returned to the company’s treasury.

IPCG’s founders have pioneered numerous IP market products and services dating back to 1985. IPCG products are the next generation Funding Innovation™

Unit License Right™ (ULR) Smart Contracts represent a blockchain ledger allowing patent owners to more efficiently license their IP rights creating greater transparency, a secondary market, a clean audit trail and accounting value recognition.Patent owners can use ULR Smart Contracts to more efficiently license rights to use patent assets and know-how. Estimating the likely future demand for a given technology, Licensors will offer a defined number of ULR contracts to the market at a predetermined price. Blockchain technology and standard contracts allow the patent owner to quickly present this opportunity. The blockchain ledger transforms traditional market practice by allowing the ULR buyer to resell any excess contracts into the market, creating the first true secondary market for patent licenses. IPCG will earn a commission for each new issued ULR Smart Contract; one-third of commissions paid will be distributed quarterly on a prorate basis to all holders of IPCs.

IPCG is preparing its Form 1-A Offering Statement for its IP Coins under Regulation A (Tier 2). Initial plans are to provide 60,000,000 IP coins at a fixed price of $0.50 per IP coin for up to 90 days. The company is focused on being a leading example for a compliant U.S. blockchain Security Token Offering (STO). The company aims to offer products that even the most conservative corporations and investors will be comfortable to use.

Intellectual Property Coin Group

Chicago, IL

Jim Malackowski, Executive Chairman

A patent pending Ethereum based blockchain platform and related cryptocurrency designed to facilitate Intellectual Property (IP) based transactions, primarily focused on patents

Intellectual Property Coin Group