CIO Vendor Student debt in the U.S. has surpassed $1.2 trillion. Adding to this woe is substantial over-borrowing and a high level of confusion for both students and parents. Further, financial aid is a manual, paper-intensive process that is expensive for schools and painful for borrowers. CampusLogic, an Arizona-based company, tackles these issues with a cloud-based “self-service” solution that increases borrower understanding, encourages less borrowing and simplifies the financial aid process for everyone involved. CampusLogic’s platform is designed to increase school compliance, lower cost, enhance security and improve the student experience. “Our solution easily integrates with every student information system today so that schools can securely transform the student experience while lowering administration costs,” says Gregg Scoresby, Founder and CEO of CampusLogic.

CampusLogic’s web-based platform,often referred to as the TurboTax of financial aid, facilitates the secure exchange of financial aid data and documents between the student, parents, the school and the Department of Education. The company’s self-service model gives students anytime, anywhere and anydevice access to schools’ financial aid processes. CampusLogic’s solutions use smart web forms driven by a powerful regulatory rules engine and include compliant digital signature and advanced encryption. The platform is branded and configured for every customer to help schools seamlessly move their financial aid processes into the cloud. “Our solutions are built to be massively scalable, highly secure and implemented in less than a week,” says Scoresby.

While the adoption of selfservice in higher education continues to accelerate rapidly, CampusLogic believes it is pioneering the selfservice model in financial aid. “Other than CampusLogic, nobody has developed true financial aid self service in a multi-tenant SaaS architecture,” says Scoresby. “We have accomplished that tricky balance of delivering a simple user experience driven by complex and powerful logic. We have spent a few years perfecting the model, and as our customers will attest, students love it.” CampusLogic is entirely focused on building great SaaS solutions for colleges and universities.
“We serve every institution from twoyear community colleges to four-year public and private universities. Our customers are looking for ways to cut costs while simplifying the student experience through cloud-based products,” says Scoresby. For instance, Western Governors University (WGU) is one of the most innovative schools in the U.S., growing annually at a 20 percent rate. WGU is leads the industry in helping students borrow less.

“Under their Responsible Borrowing Initiative and using our platform to render a digital and dynamic award letter,Western Governors University proactively showed students how to borrow less. WGU effectively decreased student borrowing by $93M, while increasing enrollment by almost 20 percent in one year,” claims Scoresby. The company’s clientele also includes Colorado State University,Fullerton Community College and many more. “We help schools of all sizes make a difference in the lives of their students. Working with our customers is the best part of my job,” he adds.

We easily integrate with every student information system today so that schools can transform the student experience, while lowering administration costs

Moving forward, CampusLogic expects to add more than 100 new customers onto its platform in 2015 and foresees getting to 500 schools by 2017. To fund the growth of the company, CampusLogic expects to raise $5 million in early 2015. The funds will be used to expand sales, marketing and product development. With additional investment to accelerate its already-strong growth, CampusLogic is one to watch as it transforms the delivery of student financial aid.


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