Intelligent Contacts: Helping CIOs move the needle in 30 days

Jeff Mains, CEO
“We believe CIOs are the unsung heroes of an organization,” says Jeff Mains, CEO of Intelligent Contacts. “So as we develop our enterprise-level payment processing and communication solutions, we do so through the lens of ‘how will this make a CIO’s job easier.’”

In the modern age of mobile technology, CIOs don’t have the luxury of overlooking security and compliance when delivering the types of convenience and immediacy consumers now demand from their brands. Consumers expect companies they choose to offer payment processing that snaps into the convenience of their lives.

“The CEOs I talk with are looking for payment and communication solutions that are convenient and engaging to the consumer,” adds Mains. “The CIOs are then tasked with integrating this new technology into the company’s legacy systems, or uproot the legacy technology altogether, which can take several years. What we’ve done is create a way for CIOs to move the needle much quicker. Instead of two years, we’re helping our clients see results in 30 days.”

The key to moving the needle so quickly rests in Intelligent Contacts API—which seamlessly integrates with existing IT systems like CRM software and accounting software. Meanwhile, on the payment downstream, clients benefit from one of the only PCI certified P2PE solutions in the industry. In fact, companies switching to Intelligent Contacts, immediately have up to 90 percent of their PCI requirements already met and take their entire internal IT infrastructure out of audit scope.

Intelligent Contacts provides hosting solutions for all different industries, but its two major client groups are healthcare and Accounts Receivable Management (ARM). In healthcare, Intelligent Contacts works with 13 of the top 25 hospital systems and 43 of the top 100.
One of those hospital systems is Keck Medicine of the University of Southern California, which implemented Intelligent Contacts’ payment IVR system.

“It boosted our revenue, freed up our staff, and allowed out patients to pay how they wished when it was convenient to them,” says Paul Hudson, Chief of Revenue Cycle Management. Within the first five months of use, Keck Medicine of USC had 22 percent of total payments made through its new IVR. Additionally, the payment IVR was estimated to have saved a total of 1450 hours—the equivalent of 1.5 full-time employees working six months.

One of Intelligent Contacts’ bundled services, Intelligent Care, allows hospitals and physician practices the ability to offer patients a mobile-optimized, self-service experience. Following consumer trends in other industries, patients now pay without ever mailing a check or calling the office.

“We’ve found that for many of our clients’ patients, when given the option to self-serve, they choose it over traditional payment and communication channels,” says Mains. “This is a win-win solution for consumers and providers.” Intelligent Contacts’ clients are also riding the wave of mobile commerce— with over 40 percent of the transactions on IC payments sites now coming from mobile devices.

Perhaps Intelligent Contacts’ most powerful self-service tool is called Intelligent Negotiator. This virtual negotiation technology allows patients to see their bill (or often multiple bills) online, propose settlement offers, receive counteroffers, and create their own payment plans—all without ever speaking with a live agent. Using the business rules set up by the provider, Intelligent Negotiator evaluates the offers made by the patient or payee, and arrives at a solution that works for both the patient and the provider.

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