Intelligent Locations: Driving Care through Real-Time Asset Visibility

Jake Bartnicki, VP of Sales & Marketing
Imagine a hospital where every piece of equipment needed to perform surgery or take care of a patient was easily found. Imagine if a nurse could get real time notifications about all the available medical equipment existing within the facility during emergency situations. Imagine if they were automatically guided to the right assets in case of misplacement; and, if hospital administration could effectively view the needs of the organization. Intelligent Locations makes all of this possible.

Built specifically for the healthcare environment, Intelligent Locations offers a one stop shop for their clients, offering everything from hardware installation to data analytics. Their next-generation asset management and location services platform gives real-time reports about assets and patients. The platform helps hospitals track assets, and locate patients in order to reduce operational costs and deliver better patient care and healthcare experience. The analytics suite built into the platform helps the hospital staff analyze collected data to provide a single-pane-of-glass view of the equipments and asset utilization forecasts. “Our Real Time Locations platform enables hospitals to achieve smart operations,” says Jake Bartnicki, VP of Sales & Marketing at Intelligent Locations.

Intelligent Locations offers hospitals wireless sensor devices that are installed on equipments, such as PCA pumps, SCDs, beds, and telemetry devices among others, that require monitoring. Leveraging IoT technology, the Intelligent Locations platform collects data from the sensor devices across multiple locations in real time. The ingested data is then transmitted to the cloud through which healthcare personnel can not only find information about the real-time location of any equipment and its status, but also track them through map-based navigation. The platform provides a user-friendly interface that works on both web and mobile platforms. This way, the platform eliminates the unnecessary find time of clinical equipment and enables care providers to track the utilization rate of the clinical equipments. With these insights, hospitals can purchase appropriate amount of assets without wasting money on needless resources.
“Unlike our competitors, we provide quick installation without the huge upfront fee. By partnering with us, clients will realize their ROI from day one of the implementation,” asserts Bartnicki.

Our asset management platform enables hospitals to achieve smart operations

With such firm control over assets, Intelligent Locations also allows hospitals to better manage patient environments. The platform tracks the location of patients throughout their hospital stay or operation. Further, by monitoring the real-time status of all the equipments associated with the patient’s operation, Intelligent Locations minimizes risk of infection and improves medical outcomes. The company also offers mobile applications, through which family members and loved ones can get automatic updates about patient’s location status.

In addition to right sizing the equipment fleet, eliminating lost or misplaced assets and optimizing patient flow scenarios, Bartnicki cites a specific scenario where one of its customers was constantly repurchasing telemetry packs, a portable heart monitoring device which is usually tied around patients’ waist or placed in the pocket of a hospital gown. After the treatment, many patients used to inadvertently dispose the telemetry pack along with the gown in the laundry forcing the hospital to purchase more telemetry packs resulting in increased expenses. By deploying the Intelligent Locations platform, the customer was able to find the missing telemetry packs via the notification feature when it entered the laundry room and prevent it from getting misplaced.

With the growing number of medical equipments and other assets in a typical hospital environment, doctors and administrates are under tremendous pressure to manage these assets. With the zeal to address this challenge, Intelligent Locations is focusing on deploying advanced technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve asset tracking and improve performance of care delivery.

Intelligent Locations

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Jake Bartnicki, VP of Sales & Marketing and Bogdan Nedelcu, Founder and CEO

Provides a SaaS platform for asset management and tracking real time location of assets and patients in hospitals

Intelligent Locations