Intelligent Mechatronic Solutions: Defining the Connected Car Experience

Otman Basir, Founder
The integration of telematics and infotainment in cars has become the route to attain a more productive and connected driving experience that users crave today. Bringing this desire to reality is Intelligent Mechatronic Solutions (IMS), whose innovations are pioneering the connected car category while adding more purpose to every journey by making drivers smarter and safer.

Founded by Otman Basir, IMS approach of blending wireless technology and in-car systems has led to the formation of an impressive range of solutions, founded on seamless convergence between Human Machine Interface (HMI) and Machine to Machine (M2M) complimented by sophisticated data mining and analysis. IMS’ implementation of HMI allows drivers to access voice-controlled and on-demand content such as weather, real-time traffic and music, as well as email, text messages and apps from personal devices, while integration with M2M enables the vehicle to communicate with other vehicles and its surroundings, enabling a plethora of services such as usage based insurance, driver coaching, vehicle health, roadside assistance and more. “The HMI service interfaced with M2M adds more value to our practice unlike any competitor,” says Basir.

The company prides itself in connecting cars to other cars, to the cloud, IT infrastructure, and most importantly to the human operating the vehicle itself. Through advanced data mining and analytics, IMS examines data that comes from the vehicle for diagnostics. Starting from collecting the data, encrypting the data to protect the user and compressing data so that it is efficiently transported to cloud, all of driver’s information is processed using large IT infrastructure, that later goes back to user in the form of driver coaching and scoring.
This is one among the key areas that IMS works on. The company also incorporates a number of services into cars that enhances user experience. “We help the end-user understand their driving behavior, while also providing coaching tips, that allows them to improve driving and safety,” says Basir.

The synergic connection between data analytics, HMI and M2M interface is helping IMS to formulate new solutions that better understands the customers. Basir adds on to say, “We came up with a technology that can be embedded in the car by the OEMs to enable a fleet of services that tackle all the important issues of safety, delivery, content delivery and the environment friendly behavior of the car.”

With its innovative solutions, IMS has garnered great clientele including organizations like Sprint, USAA, Oregon Department of Transportation and York Region. The firm is entrusted by 10 of the top 25 U.S. insurers and by 3 of the top 10 Canadian insurers. USAA, a Texas-based Fortune 500 client of IMS uses its prime services like behavior based insurance and new drivers intelligence. Behavior based insurance enables insurance savings and discounts through usage based insurance, while young drivers intelligence provides new driver coaching and tips, as well as piece of mind for parents,–also highlighting how different services and multiple programs can be built from the same versatile DriveSync connected car platform offered by IMS.

From the usage-based insurance industry and road charging programs to rental car and fleet management, the firm’s influence in communication and transportation safety sphere continues to grow. With a growing portfolio of 145 connected car patents throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East and Australia, the company envisions a safer, connected future for automobiles worldwide.

Intelligent Mechatronic Solutions

Waterloo, ON

Otman Basir, Founder

Expert in telematics and infotainment technologies, including convergence of both technologies in delivering the ultimate connected car experience