Intelligent Waves: Using Microsoft to Help Accomplish the Mission

Jared N, Shepard, President & CEO
Reston, VA headquartered Intelligent Waves (IW) has established itself as a commendable partner of Department of Defense and Federal Government of the United States. Founded in 2006, IW is a Service-Disabled, Veteran Owned Small Business that delivers the most advanced technologies and solutions on the forward edge to DoD’s best warfighters, Federal and Commercial customers, helping ensure mission success. IW is a certified Microsoft Gold partner, and has provided this specialized expertise across many technologies, critical missions and hazardous environments.

The company’s portfolio ranges various services including Active Directory and Virtualization support. “We deliver vir¬tualized software capabilities to our DoD customers that facili¬tate the process of accessing information in strategic and tacti¬cal environments, and into the edge of the mission” delineates Jared N. Shepard, President and CEO at IW. The Virtual desk¬top environment installed by IW makes it easy for the deployed forces to operate their IT tasks from their mobile devices such as laptops and tablets. By helping their customer leverage the depth of the Microsoft Enterprise environment, IW helps its customer be more secure, efficient and accountable. Moreover, IW makes it their mission to assist in lever¬aging commercially available technologies to capitalize on the technical potential and efficiency vs: proprietary or limiting tech¬nologies. This prevents customers from the strenuous task of reinventing the wheel as they no longer have to use traditional or dated technology to develop the needed cus¬tom tools from scratch.

IW has worked toe-to-toe with the Federal Government on various projects. In an implementation highlight, IW helped US Air-Force to develop a decentralized Active-Directory infrastructure from a common virtualized desktop. For the military technicians and operators moving from one base to another or outside U.S., it was a unique opportunity to capitalize the common resource and access the relevant data in highly secure yet flexible model.
IW has deployed Microsoft solutions across Iraq and Afghanistan for the Joint IED Defeat Organization (JIEDDO), including the full design, build and deployment of 12 different datacenters supporting over 50,000 users.

A unique force that makes IW a potential partner of Government is the company’s innovation working group that strives to develop inventive solutions, formulate strategies, and find distinguished ways to resolve customer challenges. “In our innovation center, we conduct brainstorming sessions on a regular basis where our engineers strive to come up with new ideas and approaches based on the problems we face,” says Shepard. He further adds, “We also have a datacenter, equipped with cutting edge technologies that allow our engineers to test their solutions, knowledge and skills.” This datacenter stimulates new solutions and ideas in the technologies that can be leveraged within the customer environment.

We deliver virtualized software capabilities to our Federal customers that facilitates the process of accessing information for them while they are mobile

Since the company’s inception, IW evolved into a much more comprehensive services provider, focusing on a “Mission First” approach of technology on edge. Going forward, the company intends to continue leveraging their experience and capabilities to help customers in evolving their IT operations and efficiency on the edge of their missions… in warzones with the DoD, or in small town America with the VA utilizing technology to assist Veterans. “We want to enable our customer’s missions by helping run their technologies efficiently at lower cost with increased capability,” says Shepard. IW constantly works to remain on “the technical edge” while keeping customer mission as their first priority.

Intelligent Waves

Reston, VA

Jared N, Shepard, President & CEO

The Company provides intelligence, operational, communications, and IT support to a wide variety of U.S. government customers