Intellinote: Streamlined Project Management for Modern Teams

Tony Lopresti, Co-Founder and CEO
Organizations are always looking for efficient project management tools to track progress, identify roadblocks, and move forward as a team. But the majority of tools available today are complex, come with steep learning curves and are often costly to maintain. These tools, instead of helping teams manage complex projects often become difficult to use and maintain, and end up impacting team engagement.

Intellinote, headquartered in Reston, VA, offers a powerful and versatile tool that aims to be different.

As a unified platform for team communication and collaboration, Intellinote puts Real-Time Messages, Tasks, Files, Notes, and Projects in a single package and works on any device— the desktop, smartphones, and tablets. It provides real-time visibility of project status and progress to all team members and makes it easy to organize key files, documents, and updates. “Intellinote lets teams to seamlessly coordinate and collaborate around business content, while communicating in real-time across any device or platform,” explains Tony Lopresti, CEO, Intellinote.

Intellinote’s real-time messaging is a powerful and unique feature that enables users to hold conversations with team members while viewing project updates right alongside those messages. “This brings unparalleled clarity and visibility into a project,” remarks Lopresti. Notes in Intellinote are versatile as they allow content to be captured as free-form text, and team members can attach any type of file to a Note, for context or archival purposes. Making Notes actionable is easy. With a single click, users can turn it into a Task (or they can start with a Task if they prefer). Not only can Tasks be assigned, reviewed, commented on and tracked from inception to completion, they can also be reassigned or even kept unassigned as the project progresses. Further, Intellinote offers powerful file sharing which lets teams upload, access and share files with team members in a couple of clicks. Taken together, this combination of messaging, task management, file sharing and note taking lets teams manage every aspect of a Project in one place.
Intellinote currently offers out of the box integrations with Email, Google Drive and Google Docs and plans to add more. “We are also working on a number of integrations with industryleading content platforms, such as Box, Dropbox, and OneDrive,” said Lopresti. In addition to that, users can directly integrate Intellinote with hundreds of other business apps via Zapier. This lets Intellinote tie an organization’s business processes, projects, and workflows together easily and quickly. Finally, organizations can also build custom integrations for their in-house tools or products using Intellinote’s open API.

Intellinote lets teams seamlessly coordinate and collaborate around business content, while communicating in real-time across any device or platform

Used by more than 20,000 organizations across the world, Intellinote has made inroads into a wide range of verticals, including Consulting, IT/ Ops, Marketing and Field Services Organizations. One such user, an IT consulting company with a large distributed workforce had three major challenges: Their always on-the-go consulting team not being able to access critical company information in a timely manner; the remote team felt disconnected to the home office, impacting employee engagement and productivity; and the recruiting and placement process was chaotic, impacting billings and revenue. Intellinote was able to help them on all three fronts. With Intellinote, the consulting team could access the information they needed from anywhere, and from any device. Remote team members felt more connected to the home office, since they were able to view various updates in real-time. And the HR team was able to streamline its entire hiring and recruitment process, with Intellinote’s Tasks, Notes, Files and Workspaces. This not only helped boost productivity and efficiency by 20 percent, but also helped the company grow 50 percent in a year.


Reston, VA

Tony Lopresti, Co-Founder and CEO

A Team Communication and Collaboration platform to easy and efficient Project Management.