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Peter Ayedun, President
Peter Drucker famously wrote in his book ‘Technology Management and Society’ (1970): “We are becoming aware that major questions regarding technology are not technical but human questions.” His early insight is the unvarnished truth today. It also forms the core belief of IntelliSuite IT Solutions, an Illinois based IT Support Company with expertise in migration to Office 365. IntelliSuite understands that the success of a project depends on how well the project is defined at the onset. The driving factor for the company’s approach is their tenet of viewing technology as a means to increase productivity and profitability for their clients. The approach begins, as well as ends with the customer’s goals, says Peter Ayedun, President of IntelliSuite, “We understand what the customer wants the end result to look like. With this understanding, we explore the environment that the customer is operating in—their size, their schedule, and the mix of Office 365 applications that they need. We listen first, we educate next, and then we tailor technology to meet those end goals.”

A unique aspect of IntelliSuite’s approach is their ‘CIO Review’ method, which is an annual technological reflection they perform for each customer’s workplace. Peter himself, along with his Engineering team visit customers and re-evaluate their one year goals. They identify any gaps that exist, and discuss, placing themselves in the shoes of a CIO, how they can leverage Office 365 solutions to bridge those gaps in a sustainable and scalable manner, keeping in mind various factors like the presence of an Exchange on-premise server, and whether they use POP3 or IMAP. With this knowledge they proceed to describe the components of Office 365 to be implemented, the implementation type and process, and the timeline. They also examine Active Directory and how to leverage it for single sign-on through Azure AD Connect.

The review also includes definition of their customers’ future technological goals based on what their roadmap encompasses and what direction their business would be taking.

We listen first, we educate next, and then we tailor technology to meet their business goals

IntelliSuite’s deep-dive approach in analyzing their customers’ work environments stems from the fact that most of their clientele do not have an elaborate IT function on their staff that can coordinate the entire migration and monitoring process. “We take the role of their extended CIO team, since in most cases our customers have little or no IT staff” Adds Peter, “Since we have an intimate knowledge of their environment and operations, we can guide them to leverage technology to drive their business.

In one case, a client with a highly mobile workforce provides employees with laptops on a stipend basis. As a result, the employees automatically inherit an ownership over the laptops but at the same time, use them to access company data from their home offices or remote locations. IntelliSuite informed their customer that this posed a serious data-breach risk, and recommended Microsoft Intune to enforce encryption and to make sure that the company data residing on those devices cannot be accessed even if the devices were stolen, or the hard drive was accessed from another system.

IntelliSuite encourages their customers to tell them a story—how they envision their teams working differently once the implementation is complete, not withstanding any presumptions of technological limitations. A storyline is then developed with intricate details until the team is satisfied that they have defined their customers’ requirements sufficiently.

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Peter Ayedun, President and Chris Frederick, VP

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