IntelliVision: Building Smart Cameras for Video Surveillance

Vaidhi Nathan, President and CEO
Security is gaining prominence in every sector. Videos and cameras are becoming more prevalent and frequently being deployed to high end devices like robots, drones and cameras. But a major challenge in this field of technology is manual monitoring and its limitations. Besides, there are some technical challenges like the lack of awareness of the features of video surveillance tools and hindrances pertaining to infrastructure while processing data in cloud. A company named IntelliVision, with their solutions for security, surveillance, and safety, are incorporating additional intelligence to video cameras for detecting and tracking abnormal behavior with the help of Intelligent Video Analytics. In the wake of terrorism, video surveillance picked momentum as more organizations began to adopt it and Vaidhi Nathan, President, CEO of IntelliVision was quick to understand the roadmap of the industry. The following days saw the rise of IntelliVision. Today, IntelliVision is a prominent name in the Video Intelligence and Automated Monitoring solutions for security, surveillance and safety markets. The firm’s customers include security vendors, airports, U.S. Government agencies, Fortune 1000 and leading system integrators.

One of the company’s solution pertains to Remote Monitoring. Contemporary solutions often pose as a challenge for many organizations as they partially address the problems—in many cases, they have a limited approach. “The company’s Remote Monitoring solution is one of a kind,” says Nathan. It enables consumers to monitor any location. “The smart cameras deployed, do not require any external devices like a PC or a black box to function,” he adds. Consumers can log in and receive alerts anytime and anywhere in the world.

IntelliVision’s Smart Signage solution is a cost-effective method of monitoring and improving customer engagement with digital displays with the help of customer metrics which is an advanced audience measurement solution.

The smart cameras deployed, do not require any external devices like a PC or a black box to function

The product helps in amalgamating data and digitally displays it in forms of graphs and charts. When a customer walks by a digital display, the software analyzes the customers on the basis of gender, age and other variables. It aids in assessing and understanding the customers as well as the effectiveness of the advertisement.

IntelliVision provides high quality intelligence to the CIO’s. The second element that makes the firm different from the competition is its ability to deliver management dashboard, which summarizes data into numbers. In addition, the company reduces service levels with the help of smart edge cameras; succoring CAO’s to get maximum information by deploying less servers, power, cost, and maintenance. Finally, the company builds cloud-based architectures, which can be interfaced with other clouds, helping CIO’s increase their efficiency.

In one instance, IntelliVision assisted a prominent customer in the smart home space. The client was selling cameras, which was recording numerous false alarms. IntelliVision converted the client’s camera into a smart camera, reducing 90 percent of the false alarms. The customer’s camera recorded meaningful alerts with the help of the solution offered by IntelliVision.

Moving forward, IntelliVision will dive deeper into the video surveillance domain. The firm is planning to expand more into the Asian markets especially in countries like China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. The company will continue to adapt to the changing market and pay heed to the requirements of the customers and assist them in terms of cost and time.


San Jose, CA

Vaidhi Nathan, President and CEO

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