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James Dibble, CEO & Co-Founder, Jerry Johns, EVP-Support Services, Co-Founder James Dibble, the CEO and Co-Founder at Intelometry describes the current retail energy markets as “the most complex transactional business in the world to support.” He can’t be wrong, as the companies that operate in this sector don’t sell “widgets,” but instead sell an array of offerings that have complex financial and operational implications. In addition, the rules for engagement with the utility and independent system operators vary widely from region to region and state to state. And the result: a vast number of applications that cover specific functions for specific markets; but nothing that is comprehensive and flexible enough to cover the full spectrum. This is where the Texas based company is placing its bet.

Intelometry is sewing the fragmented functions within retail electricity and natural gas markets with an integrated solution that supports the full deal lifecycle, including front, middle, and back office operations. The robust end-to-end platform—inRetail—is a state of the art cross commodity retail electricity and natural gas transactional system built to solve the enterprise operational needs of retail suppliers, big and small. “We’ve spent considerable time developing our application and ensuring configurability in architecture, as opposed to hardwiring rule sets and specific details of each market into core code,” says Dibble. The advantages are clear. It offers retail suppliers the ability to utilize the platform to enable a common, integrated approach to processes.

For instance, one client that has started a new operation from the ground up selected Intelometry to support their front and mid-office needs for power and natural gas. Intelometry worked with them to define an achievable project plan that fit their market entry schedule. Going a step further, Intelometry trained the client's staff to directly configure products and become self-sufficient. “We deployed all of our standard utility rules and configuration for the utilities they would be operating, so that the client could begin pricing deals within weeks. This saved them months of research and configuration work, compared to other solutions,” Dibble recollects.

Standardizing Nuances between Data Requirements

inRetail is built to tackle a major problem plaguing the retail electricity and natural gas market: the granularity of data. Each utility, state, and the Regional Transmission Operator (RTO) or Independent System Operator (ISO) present a diverse and dynamic set of operational, data, and settlement requirements—compounding an already complex environment. “This scenario becomes more exaggerated as one examines the semantic differences in the data sets, standard and non-standard transactions and processes within the front, mid, and back-office,” says Dibble. Though organizations can utilize EDI transactions to acquire historic data required for pricing and forecasting, these transactions often differ in their data quality and granularity from their compliment in the back office. “The real deal comes with collecting the information on the customer’s historic usage pattern, and how it alters constantly.
Our application provides a common process to interpret the unique datasets of how that information is conveyed in the utilities,” explains Jeff Merola, Co-Founder and EVP-Consulting Services and Sales, Intelometry. This standardizes the enterprise dataset across the entire retail energy value chain and enables the suppliers to focus on critical analysis activities that will lower price and volume risk at the meter, customer, and portfolio levels.

Custom Built Modules

inRetail suite’s software modules are tightly aligned with fundamental business processes within a retail supplier’s energy value chain. This includes historic data acquisition, customer or prospect setup, load shaping and profiling, retail product structuring, pricing, contract generation, and deal capture. Each process leverages a common foundation, but contends with a subset of unique processes and data requirements.

Intelometry’s flexible architecture can be deployed through a host of modules manifested as client-server applications, web, and mobile applications

The inRetail modules comprised of inData, inPricing, inTarrif, inContracts, inPortfolio, inBilling and Data Analyzer. inData enables users to easily setup accounts, facility and meter information, expedite the acquisition, import and processing of historical and billing usage data, aggregate and profile meters, including usage data diagnosis. The second module, inPricing, offers mass market retail energy product structuring and pricing capabilities for both power and natural gas. The module enables users to structure and build complex retail energy products without the need for additional development.

In the case of inTarrif, the suppliers gain the ability to structure and analyze intricate retail energy tariffs directly through the user interface. Whereas, using inContract module, users can manage the entire scope of the deal close process with functionality, supporting multi-level contract approvals, along with a contract builder workflow. Additionally, serving as a powerful load forecast engine and position management module for portfolio managers is inPortfolio. It proffers unparalleled capability to effectively assess and manage load and energy deal obligations and risks.

"inRetail suite’s software modules are tightly aligned with fundamental business processes within a retail supplier’s energy value chain"

For suppliers who require a powerful billing system, inBilling is built to accommodate highly sophisticated product structures down to the simplest mass market structures. Lastly, the data analyzer module provides energy suppliers the ability to collect, store and easily access a multitude of energy data sets used to support retail and wholesale energy functions.

Intelometry’s flexible architecture can be deployed through a host of modules manifested as client-server applications, web, and mobile applications.
Jeff Merola, EVP-Consulting Services & Sales, Co-Founder
“We can deploy it as a customer managed SaaS solution, or tailor a hybrid support and managed software solution as a client’s needs dictate,” says Jerry Johns, EVP-Support Services, Co- Founder, Intelometry.

Embracing the Single, Configurable Application

Intelometry works with the suppliers to assess business processes and recommends an approach that is tailored to their existing and future needs. A chief differentiator of the firm’s platform is the ability to configure the application to quickly and easily navigate the changing requirements. For instance, as a supplier’s marketing strategy changes, they can easily configure a new product structure to capture cost of goods and prices. Though these changes typically require development, Intelometry prides itself on its robust configurability, enabled through the user interface. The configuration demonstrates how each of the customers uses the inRetail suite.

Recently, Intelometry worked with a customer focused on rooftop solar installations. The client faced challenges incoupling the commodity offering with the solar installation and attaining a detailed analysis of the value proposition. “We used our software along with the supporting data services that we built to run the analysis, and provided them the value proposition for a better understanding of the financial impact,” says Merola.

The Tempered Radicals

Powering its ability to move faster than the competition and maintain an unparalleled degree of quality and expertise is Intelometry’s corporate structure, which requires its team to challenge the norms to develop a simplified solution. This perspective is evidenced and practiced in all levels of the organization. Recalling a Harvard Business Review article focused on the tempered radical, Jerry explains that there is an individual in every organization who has credibility due to their subject matter expertise and exhibits traits that force the organization to go beyond delivering a satisfactory solution. “Rather than being labeled as bleeding-edge thinkers, they push the envelope in ways that engage the masses and inspire them to think differently. We encourage our team to adopt this role and act as ‘entrepreneurially’ as possible,” he says. As a result, the firm has a well-rounded team with the confidence to achieve their end goals effectively.

Intelometry will persist to work on its latest highly flexible, customizable portal interface which will empower the clients to leverage the firm’s best of breed core infrastructure. These portals can be quickly tailored to enable clients to convey their own unique marketing image and value proposition, while still communicating in a consistent, supportable process, internally. “Our goal isn’t to grow for the sake of growing, but rather to create an unparalleled offering where everyone involved with the firm’s growth—our employees and customer stakeholders— are proud to stand behind the Intelometry name,” concludes the CEO.


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James Dibble, CEO & Co-Founder, Jerry Johns, EVP-Support Services, Co-Founder and Jeff Merola, EVP-Consulting Services & Sales, Co-Founder

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