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C.K. Shastri, Managing Director
Information technology (IT), currently, is not viewed as a mere enabler of business. Instead, IT is leading every business-oriented innovation. There are examples in abundance that testifies such claims. Consider this: Uber, the largest taxi firm, owns no taxis. Airbnb, the massive accommodation provider, doesn’t own any property whereas Facebook, the most popular social media network, creates no content. However, these leaders have one thing in common: They all leverage the power of IT and robust BPM strategies to deliver their services.

With no more than a thousand dollars in his pocket and big dreams in his eyes, C.K. Shastri laid the cornerstone of Intense Technologies, in order to bring innovative products to this thriving marketplace. The firm’s BPM platform ingrains agility in organizations’ BPM efforts through a host of enterprise applications that enables seamless collaboration with employees, processes, customers, and partners. “Today we have customers in 45+ countries spanning four continents. A lot of this attributes to our determination to stay ahead of the competition curve and bring innovations by optimizing cutting-edge technologies,” says C.K. Shastri, MD, Intense Technologies.

Presently, Intense Technologies is pursuing BPM endeavors prevalent in the telecom, insurance and banking landscape in the Indian and South-Asian marketplace alongside making rapid inroads into the government sector. Intense Technologies’ widespread success attributes to their turnkey BPM platform UniServe NXT. This is a LCDP (Low-code Development Platform) developed on bimodal IT architecture to ensure accelerated delivery of BPM solution with zero downtime. The platform is future-ready and includes domain-specific templates for quick adoption.

Built on the principles of data virtualization, Microservices, RPA, DevOps, version control, and software componentry in conjunction with configurable APIs, UniServe NXT forms an ecosystem and equips organizations with a highly customizable, cost-effective BPM software solution that streamlines business and information processes.

UniServe NXT equips organizations with a highly customizable, usable, and cost-effective BPM software solution that streamlines business and information processes

UniServe NXT is powered by next-gen technologies such as PbD (Privacy by Design), Security by Design, RBAC (Role-based Access Control), and ABAC (Attribute-based Access Control) which empower enterprises to protect their valuable data and ensure end-to-end cybersecurity. Akin to its simple-to-use BPM platform, the onboarding process, too, is hassle-free. Moreover, the platform can process large volumes of information by bridging the siloed legacy systems.

Keeping pace with technology advancements, Intense Technologies is heavily investing in automation and plans to incorporate technologies such as AI and machine learning in its product line. Apart from that, the firm intends to gain a competitive edge in augmented analytics, which is a unique mix of AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics, in order to better understand customer behavior and devise solutions and services that befit their requirements.

While adding fortune 500 companies to their clientele, Intense Technologies is all set to seize any opportunity that future has in store. To that end, the firm is invested in bringing cloud-ready, AI-based innovations in the BPM landscape. Furthermore, Intense Technologies is also devising IoT solutions that can be delivered through their low-code platform. Augmented analytics is also an essential part of the firm’s roadmap, through which Intense Technologies endeavors to foray deeper into the BPM space.

Intense Technologies

Secunderabad, India

C.K. Shastri, Managing Director

Intense Technologies enterprise software products are used globally by Fortune 500s for digitalization of customer experience lifecycle resulting in greater customer centricity and reduced operational expenses

Intense Technologies