Intensity Analytics: Spearheading Behavioral Biometrics

Tom Ketcham, Co-Founder, CIO & EVP
Traditional approaches to user authentication through usernames and passwords put a user’s identity in the hands of service providers, like Equifax—something that Tom Ketcham, a technologist and serial entrepreneur, could not accept. Ketcham believes that “physical behavior analysis” is the key to solving identity problems. His and his business partners’ idea of utilizing a person’s pattern of typing, writing, drawing, or movement as data to establish an individual’s identity, sparked the inception of Intensity Analytics. They developed a patented AI engine that reveals a person’s identity through physical behavior analysis using the data coming from keyboards, touchscreens, and other devices, including wearables. “The engine creates its own rules about a person’s behavior to identify them, which is artificial intelligence in the true sense,” says Tom Ketcham, CIO, EVP and co-founder, Intensity Analytics. As Ketcham puts it, “this connects identity to an actual person, and not just a set of credentials.”

The productized versions of Intensity Analytics’ technology include TickStream. KeyID and Tickstream.CV, both of which verify users’ identities without capturing any personally identifiable information, but by examining their “efforts” while using a device. TickStream.KeyID establishes a trusted identity during login using behavior analytics, providing a second factor for authentication. Then, post login, Tickstream.CV continuously ascertains a user’s identity throughout the session as they use their normal applications. Both TickStream.KeyID and Tickstream.CV can be run on desktops or added to websites, without any upgrades to hardware or software. “Our core design principle is to ensure our products can coexist with a firm’s existing systems,” states Ketcham. Both TickStream.KeyID and Tickstream.CV collect metrics on unauthorized users, following which appropriate action can be initiated.

Clients using TickSteam products have the final say with regard to the security level pertaining to user authentication. Ketcham mentions that Intensity Analytics provides fast implementation and integration to secure clients’ environments; the software approach adopted by the company allows security to be implemented at different levels within an application.

The engine creates its own rules about a person’s behavior to identify them, which is artificial intelligence in the true sense

Further, the company customizes the authentication process to suit a wide range of sectors including finance, healthcare, federal, and e-commerce.

Intensity Analytics’ solutions play a big role in fool-proofing the security program of an intelligence agency based in the U.S. With worldwide operations, the agency sought to deploy a highly secure system to go beyond the conventional cards and fingerprint readers that offered room for impersonation. Further, it was also imperative for the agency to identify internal threats and suspicious activities in the shortest possible time. When brought onboard, Intensity Analytics provided a proof of concept using TickStream solutions wherein team members were made to perform tasks such as sending emails, following which the company identified the people behind each activity. In less than five minutes, the client was not only presented with the person involved in the activity but also the details of those showing similar patterns. Deeply impressed, the agency embraced the solution. Ketcham mentions that Intensity Analytics recently processed the agency’s license renewal of TickStream.

Following the success of these first products, Intensity Analytics will be releasing products in the mobile and wearables markets. The company has also developed technologies that allows behavior to be “transportable” and even printed on paper to prevent identity theft, which Ketcham says, conforms to key provisions in the General Data Protection Regulation. The performance of Intensity Analytics’ AI engine has interested even professors from George Mason University, who have tested and published the statistical breakthroughs and performance recorded by the engine—a matter of pride for Intensity Analytics.

Intensity Analytics

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Tom Ketcham, Co-Founder, CIO & EVP

Recognizes human beings based on physical effort

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