Interactive Achievement: Harnessing Data with Professional Learning and Tools

Jonathan Hagmaier, CEO
With changing business demographics, the education sector is embracing technology for an enhanced student-centric approach. “Educational institutes are deploying modern tracking and analyzing methodologies to enhance a student’s learning process. However, many institutions are facing issues pertaining to planning and analyzing assessment data, and measuring student growth. Today, with the help of technology, educational institutions are taking an innovative approach toward the noble objective of learning,” begins Jonathan Hagmaier, CEO, Interactive Achievement. The firm empowers both students and teachers to make realtime, data informed adjustments during the learning process. “We leverage technology to support personalized, datainformed, student-centered approaches to learning,” he adds.

Interactive Achievement’s (IA) offering, onTRAC AMS is a complete assessment management tool that provides real-time results to measure student performance and growth by creating, and delivering formative assessments. Teachers can choose from the pre-built tests or they may create their own using standardaligned content from the item bank. “onTRAC supports both online and offline testing options with scanning tools that save teachers time and work,” says Hagmaier, a former teacher. The tool consists of reporting features that makes data analysis simple.

onTRAC AMS enables educators to make personalized learning decisions by providing insightful data in real time. “This tool addresses students’instructional needs with valuable data,” he adds. onTRAC LDS, another solution of IA, is a Longitudinal Data System that houses academic performance data, as well as behavior history and attendance. “With onTRAC LDS, stakeholders have a single repository and easy-touse tools to leverage multiple years of data to continuously improve student performance,” states Hagmaier. The tool offers the easy development of student watch lists and intervention progress monitoring.

We leverage technology to support personalized, datainformed, student-centered approaches to learning

IA has invested in innovating in the online assessment delivery area since 2006, before delivering standards-based tests became the requirement in most states. The company’s innovation lab is driven by customer voice and needs. The firm prides itself on its relationships with teachers and administrators and considers client feedback as a critical driver to product improvement. Through onTRACLive support, the firm’s clients can connect directly to the IA staff. “Our staff can troubleshoot issues by online chat, screen share, email, or phone. We have consistently had 100 percent client retention due to the reliability of our products and superior customer support,” says Hagmaier.

Being a trailblazer in the online assessment delivery segment for schools, IA’s solutions have helped over one million students and 140,000 teachers. Jane Bryan Elementary School (Hampton, VA), with its students scoring in the bottom five percent on state assessments, was being considered a priority school on the federal level. Committed to bringing their scores up and improving overall student performance, the school utilized IA’s onTRAC assessment and data platform. Upon implementing the solution, the school experienced a marked improvement in the scores from 22 percent to 76 percent.

“We are confident that continuing to focus on formative assessment and data analysis is the right strategic direction for IA,” says Hagmaier. Advancements in interoperability standards make it easy for IA to collaborate with other education technology companies to provide desired services through a seamless user experience.

Interactive Achievement

Roanoke, VA

Jonathan Hagmaier, CEO

Interactive Achievement creates assessment and data analytic solutions for K-12 educators. Its onTRAC® platform’s formative assessment data guides instruction in the classroom and provides real time data analytic support for teachers, students, district administrators and state leaders.