InterCloud Systems: Building Next Generation Network and IT Inventions on Cloud

CIO VendorFrank Jadevaia, President
Challenges in and around Networking and Infrastructure Arena

Customers, whether enterprises or the service providers, always search for ways to contain cost, enable new applications and deliver better services both to their internal and external customers. As new technologies emerge, this shift to the cloud and software defined enterprises, has created a disruptive environment for traditional networking companies and their customers. At InterCloud (ICLD), we have purpose built the organization to help corporations focus on their core business and therefore, let us focus on the technology solutions that will enable them to achieve greater market share, revenue and profits.

To foster this new dynamic, essentially, we have integrated Junipers (Contrail) software defined networking distro into our cloud ecosystem, using OpenStack. This activity allows us to offer Juniper’s solutions around SDN and NFV, for services such as routing, switching, security, firewalls and VPN’s.

Convergence of SDN and NFV technologies

SDN/NFV dramatically shortens the lead time to acquire network functions, as compared to the deployment of physical hardware based appliances. ICLD’s collaboration with Juniper is based on our development strengths around Contrail and Open Stack. To that end, we have a unique position, as we are not only an Elite Juniper partner, but also a cloud provider. These new applications around SDN/ NFV are being implemented on our own infrastructure, so we have first-hand knowledge and experience for deployments of Contrail and Open Stack. We can help our mutual customers quickly adapt to these technologies, by setting up POC’s (proof of concepts) and actual implementations.

Uplifting Clients’ Infrastructure by Hosting Applications on Cloud

We help our customers manage their existing infrastructure and expand it based on their already defined engineering standards. In addition to this, when they decide to leverage cloud based services, we put together a migration strategy to host their applications/services on our cloud infrastructure.
We have in-house expertise to host Microsoft based applications and OS, Linux/Unix environments, as well as Juniper’s Contrail (SDN/ NFV NaaS) solution. At a macro level, we help our enterprise customers completely eliminate physical network and push these functions to cloud based services. Our ability to orchestrate these new services in a granular fashion, is a huge differentiator for us!

“Cloud in the Box” Solution

Intercloud has put together a ‘cloud in the box’ solution using Juniper’s Open Stack ‘distro’ We call it ‘DPOD’. It’s a complete solution offered in half and full cabinet sizes. Customers are no longer needed to learn and build in-house teams to support cloud services. ICLD completely manages these solutions and can be deployed in our existing data centers, or on a customer’s premises.

Abiding Three Strides of Brilliancy

Since InterCloud Systems is an end-to-end, single source provider, we have the expertise to migrate our customers’ legacy environments at their pace, either one application at a time, or on a more aggressive schedule, if need be. Our 3 pillars of excellence: Cloud & Managed Services, Professional Services & Infrastructure & Applications, gives our customers great flexibility.

Topical Innovations and Roll-outs

We are really excited to roll out our cutting edge Juniper SDN/NFV cloud platform and the recently announced vMX (Virtual MX routing).We believe these services will become a game changer for large enterprises and carriers. As a foundation, it utilizes state of the art JUNOS software and as vMX designates, it can be deployed in a virtualized environment. No longer will our customers have to own the infrastructure to take advantage of these services.

Roadmap of Intercloud Systems

We are developing new products around open stack, NFV orchestration (NFVo), Big Data, cloud mobility and true SDN/NFV cloud solutions. As we continue to innovate, we will remain focused on our customers’ needs, with the goal of adding tremendous value to their business.

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Frank Jadevaia, President

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