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Brian Peters, US Sales Director
It was just another day for a petroleum company that was performing an enhanced oil recovery (EOR) in one of their oilfields. However, the extraction procedure came to a halt when the field manager realized that the reading from their tool string weight indicator was no longer accurate. They needed a downhole force measurement solution that could be trusted for their highly deviated wells.

This is where AZ-based Interface came to their rescue. With the expertise of building the highest quality precision load cell and torque transducers, Interface helped the petroleum company with a custom force measurement solution specially developed for the harsh conditions downhole that can withstand up to 30,000 psi and 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Interface, the inventors of LowProfile™ load cells, utilized industry-leading engineers, proprietary technology and strain gage manufacturing expertise for the project, who understand the requirements needed to get the most accurate readings for energy industry demanding environments.

Such problem-solving capability defines Interface, who has been carving successful stories like this for the last half-century since its establishment in 1968. “Today, we are a thriving world leader in designing and manufacturing force measurement solutions. We pride ourselves on making sizable contributions to oil, gas, wind, coal, and several other emerging energy markets,” says Brian Peters, the U.S. sales director at Interface.

As a veteran in the energy sector himself, Peters notes that he has observed a tremendous shift over the years in the way companies retrieve oil and natural gases. “The trend has moved from vertical drilling to horizontal oil extraction, which has made topside measurement tools and solutions inadequate.” Interface leverages its high precision and reliable downhole force measurement solution to assist oil companies in navigating through this transition seamlessly. The solutions include tools for pump-down and perforating operations that can help Interface’s clients to monitor the amount of force being applied during the procedure of oil recovery.

These solutions have not only helped Interface always strive toward achieving high-end performance and accuracy of results but also reduce the overall cost and risk of its clients associated to new innovations and product testing.

Today, Interface has a pool of 32000 products to offer across the globe, which includes standard test and measurement tools, custom designs, as well as OEM force measurement solutions

“Anchoring strongly on our values of efficiency and innovation, we make sure our clients receive a solution that fits their needs, specifications, and budget completely,” mentions Peters. To accomplish this feat, the company incorporates customer-specific design requirements and tailors customized solutions that can integrate easily with their client’s existing tool systems if need be. Then, Interface delivers its products with detailed test reports that certify the design performance and provide further customizing abilities.

Today, Interface has a pool of more than 32,000 force measurement products to offer globally, which includes standard test and measurement tools, custom designs as well as OEM force measurement solutions. The company is also currently integrating their force measurement products with other manufacturer’s solutions and selling those to the gas industry for precision and accurate measurement. Alongside, Interface is working toward providing solutions for aerospace, industrial automation, medical, consumer products, and test and measurement sectors. Owing to its 52 years of glorious existence, the company’s reach has expanded massively, and have partnered with many leading Fortune 100 companies.

Moving forward, Interface intends to contribute more deeply in the energy sector by bringing forth more cost-effective and durable force measurement solutions in the market. “We plan on introducing wireless capability into most of our solutions to focus on the issue of expensive cable damage and cable routing for topside instrumentation,” says Peters. Above all, Interface wants to continue growing its roots globally as a trusted technology provider and explore the various technological revelations that are shaping the energy tech domain.


Scottsdale, AZ

Brian Peters, US Sales Director

Established in 1968, Interface is a trusted world leader in designing and manufacturing force measurement solutions: designing, manufacturing, and guaranteeing the highest quality performance load cells, torque transducers, multi-axis sensors, and related instrumentation available in the market today. In addition, Interface also has a pool of 32,000 products to offer across the globe, which includes standard test and measurement tools as well as OEM solutions. The company always strives toward achieving high-end performance quality and accuracy of results, along with reducing overall cost and minimize risk for its clients