Interface Planet: Customizing Web Interfaces for Business Productivity

Organizations demand quick interface customization and implementation tools to gain competitive advantage, and the Citrix Web Interface (WI) is one of them. The Citrix WI is an essential component that allows clients in remote areas to access XenApp applications and XenDesktops hosted on a central server using a web browser or an online plug-in. With a customized Citrix WI, enterprises can tackle multiple hindrances and also extend their business productivity and profits ahead. “Customization of web interface is our specialty,” begins Gary Smith, CEO, Interface Planet. “And the Citrix WI 5.4 is one of our most popular interface customization products.”

Based in Baltimore, MD, Interface Planet is a well-settled interface customization, web designing, and prints designing company that offers a wide range of services like profile personalization, easily accessible information, and user-friendly web pages. Interface planet is best known for its interface customization services—Citrix WI, Citrix NetScaler Access gateway, and Citrix StoreFront. “In interface customization the most important task is to provide the users with an easy access to their information anytime and at any location,” says Smith. “We completely understand our clients’ requirements and continuously work towards achieving the ultimate goal— customer satisfaction.”

Using the Custom Citrix WI product, Interface Planet helps its clients in designing and personalizing their company’s web interfaces based on their requirements and gives it a brand new look and feel. “We can make websites look lively with all unique customization plans, right from the top to bottom,” remarks Smith. In addition to the existing tabs and designs, Interface Planet is capable of adding useful and important tabs to the client’s web interface to make it more updated. “We can implement tabs like announcements, web links, downloads, videos, email, and lot more,” affirms Smith. “Along with these tabs, we can also add advanced features to the web interface to make it personal.”

The main focus of any company is to provide security and integrity to their customers. Interface Planet’s Citrix NetScaler gateway provides secure access to information, desktops, and data published on XenApp, XenDesktop, and XenMobile over the internet.

We completely understand our clients’ requirements and continuously work towards achieving the ultimate goal—customer satisfaction

The Citrix-based product allows a user to access their data anytime-anywhere on any device in the world with full security. “Now users don’t have to go through the complicated and hectic network configuration to access their data,” asserts Smith. “It helps in keeping client’s data or information secure, be at their home server or remote server.”

With the help of NetScaler, enterprises can access applications and network resources in a better way. “We are an experienced Citrix NetScaler company, and hence, we can help our customers in complete personalization of their web interfaces and can make changes according to whatever the clients have in their minds.” Additionally, Interface Planet’s Citrix StoreFront for XenApp and XenDesktop is the one stop app/data store solution. StoreFront Web Interface, also known as Receiver Web Interface, is built to support a mobile friendly interface with high-end performance at the client side.

Moving ahead, Interface Planet will continue to offer products, platforms, and solutions to its clients in different industries. The company has been appreciated with esteemed associations and certifications like ISO 9001:2008, Microsoft, Drupal membership, STPI, D&B with the latest coming in soon. “Building on more than 10 years of experience, we will look to add technological value to global organizations through domain expertise, proven success in the Citrix arena, and world-class service in the future,” concludes Smith.

Interface Planet

Baltimore, MD

Gary Smith, CEO

Offers Citrix Web Interface, custom Citrix Cloud portal, custom Outlook Web Access, Netscaler Access Gateway, and Citrix Web Interface 5.4 solutions.