Interlink Network Systems: Entwining Communication Technology and Customer Management

Prem Puthur, CEO
Intelligent customer service connecting all channels, from phone to social media, is critical to an organization’s success. However, enterprise contact centers face key hurdles which include lengthy agent training times, tracking various social media platforms, and traversing unconnected CRMs to find customer information. Interlink Network Systems Inc., solves these challenges with TxContact, its complete end-to-end contact center suite. TxContact’s powerful custom scripts and seamless integrations result in quick high quality customer service. “Offering knowledgeable and timely support has been a hallmark of Interlink Network Systems for over two decades,” says Prem Puthur, CEO, Interlink Network Systems Inc. The company’s cutting-edge contact center suite—TxContact, offers successful interactions with customers, through true omni-channel communication.

Shorter training periods get contact center agents live and producing much faster. Enhanced levels of productivity, with minimum training, effectively combat the high attrition rate prevalent in contact centers. TxContact’s smart script module, or Agent Guidance System, is a powerful tool where custom decision trees can be mapped to IVR responses. Full workflows will appear, guiding the agent through resolving issues. And these workflows can keep several CRMs in sync without the agent ever having to interact with them. Relevant data is displayed alongside the script, making the process very straightforward. New agents are able to confidently interact with customers by following the prompted script questions. Based on the analysis of clients' queries and customer information, the most appropriate solution is displayed to the agent, who then communicates it to the client. With this script based method, TxContact reduces the training period for contact center agents from over three months to a few days.

The completeness of TxContact is further highlighted by its capability to help companies monitor their online reputation. The scope for integration with social media offered by the TxContact suite provides visibility into the negative feedback on products and services. Pertinent comments are quickly identified when they are posted on popular social media platforms.

We have mastered platform integration for quicker launches of campaigns and support than ever before

This helps agents immediately swing into action to address the concerns, which not only solves a customer’s problem, but also prevents any negative feedback from going viral.

In addition, TxContact offers seamless integration with other software through CTI connectors. For example, numerous CRMs such as Connectwise, Microsoft Dynamic CRM, Salesforce, Oracle CRM on Demand, Siebel among others, are fully integrated with TxContact. “Different integration requirements are make-or-break events in deploying projects properly. We have mastered platform integration for quicker launches of campaigns and support than ever before,” states Puthur.

The inclusive approach of Interlink has won the company several customers in a variety of verticals. Puthur mentions the instance of Domain Computer Services (DCS), an organization offering technical solutions to law and IT firms, whose initiative to provide community college students with customer service experience, was bottlenecked by lengthy training. Interlink was brought on board with the goal of reducing the cost and time of training its agents, which the company did using the smart script based approach. Using TxContact’s Agent Guidance System, junior agents with a few hours of training, were able to deliver support and relevant call priorities using scripts and ANI information.

TxContact’s ability to deliver high performance on-premise as well as the cloud solutions has simplified meeting customer expectations. This has enabled Interlink to work with companies of all sizes—large, mid-sized and small, in reducing their training periods for contact center agents and lowering the attrition rates. Interlink’s TxContact suite has brought profits to its clients and provides complete innovative solutions to customer service.

Interlink Network Systems

East Brunswick, NJ

Prem Puthur, CEO

TxContact’s powerful custom scripts and seamless integrations result in quick high quality customer service

Interlink Network Systems