Interloc: Implementing IBM Maximo Mobility for Effective Asset Management Now and in the Future

Mike Watson, President & CEO
In a progressive and competitive business environment, efficient management of physical assets can dramatically improve ROI. Assets need to be maintained throughout their lifecycle. Every organization strives for safety, reliability and uptime using industry best practices. However many organizations, post deployment of cost effective EAM solutions, face hurdles in retrieving real-time accurate data and still end up seeking solutions that can provide increased productivity, and security. A Folsom, CA based company, Interloc Solutions can bridge these challenges by implementing IBM’s innovative offerings that are specific to enterprise asset management, to Maximo, to mobilizing Maximo and to the Industrial IoT. “As implementers of IBM Maximo, we know that maintenance workers are more productive with mobile apps that enable them to do their work in the field. Interloc provides mobility apps that are rapidly deployed and 100 percent user accepted,” says Mike Watson, President and CEO, Interloc.

Maximo provides a solid platform of automation support to help forward thinking organizations reach their goals. Interloc’s mobile solutions for Maximo address specific and client-defined needs with out-of-the-box, turn-key applications, laser-focused industry applications, and purpose-built applications. Interloc’s Mobile Informer has been designed specifically for field workers, providing easy to use mobile applications for work management, inventory and inspections – all developed using open interfaces. These applications allow field workers not only to act on work orders but also to easily report on any issues found. Interloc’s mobile solutions also include a self-service requestor app that allows companies to engage with their constituency via a simple mobile app. “Being able to manage inspections, work orders, asset identification and condition assessments from a mobile device ensures that more time is spent in the field resulting an increase in data reliability, maintenance effectiveness and a clear ROI,” adds Watson.

Installed as a Maximo application, the Mobile Informer platform provides for 100 percent user adoption through native apps. The Mobile Informer platform sits inside Maximo and follows IBM best practices of using MIF web services, needing no additional server software or additional integration points, which ensures faster performance and enhanced security. Mobile Informer encrypts data from the Mobile Device to Maximo and supports multi-factor authentication like PIV-CAC cards and RSA devices.

As implementers of IBM Maximo, we know that maintenance workers are more productive with mobile apps that enable them to do their work in the field

With the introduction of out-of-the-box mobile apps, Interloc has forged a rapid path to deployment for mobility solutions powered by Mobile Informer. The first of these applications include InformerWM, Informer311 and Informer139, which is specifically designed for airport Inspections. Informer139 easily lets inspectors find inspections assigned to the individual, crew, asset type or area along with complete inspection work orders for unscheduled inspections. Interloc’s out of the box application roadmap includes InformerBC (Bin Counting), InformerISP (Inspections) and InformerIM (Inventory Management) to be delivered in 2016.

Interloc is a gold, technically accredited IBM Premier Business Partner. With more than a decade of Maximo experience and over 100 consultants (many of whom are certified Maximo professionals), Interloc understands Maximo and how best to deploy Maximo for business results. Interloc is among the first to know about product roadmap updates, technical fixes or changes to Maximo. Additionally, Interloc is an authorized OEM reseller of Maximo globally, as well as an authorized provider of Level I and Level II support allowing Interloc to provide support directly to the clients under the terms of IBM’s Annual Customer Support Plan (ACSP). “Whatever the Maximo need is, from software to services to support, Interloc can address it globally,” adds Watson.

As for the road ahead, Interloc is planning to meet the global support requirements of their customers by expanding internationally. Interloc will continue to innovate. “We will be helping to make innovations in mobility a reality for our customers giving them 100 percent user adoption through rapid deployments, native interfaces and public interfaces. We will continue to expand our offerings of our turn-key, out-of-the-box Mobile Informer apps and laser-focused industry Mobile for Maximo solutions,” concludes Watson.


Folsom, CA

Mike Watson, President & CEO

Interloc is an IBM Premier and Gold-Accredited Business Partner that provides innovative consulting services and mobile solutions