Interloc Solutions: Delivering Successful Mobility for Maximo

Mike Watson, President & CEO
It is an exciting time to be in the information technology field, nowhere more so than with regard to the technology opportunities presenting themselves in the EAM discipline. Universally, most CIOs agree that ‘mobility’ is one of the most compelling drivers of fundamental change—that can alter the ways in which EAM solutions can fully enable their worker community. “However, although the rewards for successfully implementing these new technologies can be significant, there are challenges and potential obstacles that can disrupt or even derail new mobile technology initiatives,” says Mike Watson, CEO, Interloc Solutions. He goes on to explain this problem with an example, “Mobilizing workers can provide huge productivity benefits, but EAM involves significant amounts of data to be coordinated and complex underlying business logic on the mobile device.”

The ideal EAM mobile application must be intuitively easy to use and follow the user business process very closely to be fully adopted, yet highly scalable to meet the usage and data demands of robust EAM implementation. In a situation with ROI associated mobility can be compelling, but not straight forward to achieve, Interloc holds the key piece to the puzzle. Paraphrasing Watson, there are a number of critical focus areas to achieve success in mobility, including security, scalability, and integration, however the most critical is the usability of the mobile solution to the worker. The focus for Interloc lies in implementing native applications for the utmost user experience developed in their proprietary mobility platform exclusively for, and within Maximo–with Interloc Mobile Informer.

Interloc’s Mobile Informer platform enables clients to manage end-to-end security, data management, connected/ disconnected operations, and user management among others items. It is designed specifically for mobile workers to enable them to manage work, inventory and inspections or any business process required by the client’s industry.“Our approach in implementing Maximo based EAM solutions is holistic and focuses closely on the needs of the business,” explains Watson. Mobile workers can leverage Mobile Informer platform without installing any additional server hardware or middleware.

Our approach to implementing Maximo based EAM solutions is holistic and focuses closely on the needs of the business

Interloc’s focused business process apps and industry apps as well as the purpose-built apps run on iOS, Android, and Windows. Installed as a Maximo application, the Mobile Informer platform encrypts data from mobile device to Maximo for supporting multi-factor authentication security needs.

Furthermore, mobility applications built on the Mobile Informer platform facilitate the capture of data at source thus providing accurate and timely information to meet regulatory compliance. Clients can modify existing business processes and match desired functionality processes in Maximo. This is done by defining the Maximo configurations, customizations, and workarounds options for efficient implementation of mobile business processes.

Interloc’s Mobile Informer platform is used by Georgia Transmission Corporation (GTC) to leverage both the existing Maximo technical infrastructure and the built-in iOS device functionality. Interloc’s Maximo solution enabled GTC’s field workers to instantly access asset and repair histories, test plans, one-line diagrams, and photos which helped them to work smarter and more efficiently.

The firm’s Mobile Informer platform has success across multiple industries and currently plays a major role within several transportation clients who demand highest security. In the days to come, the focus of the company will lie in the continuous innovation to their Mobile Informer offerings and within their Maximo services offerings. “As a mobile software provider for Maximo, we are in the process of implementing a worldwide software channel and in discussion with a number of key software resellers and implementers of Maximo around the globe,” concludes Watson.

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Mike Watson, President & CEO

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