Intermedia: A One-Stop Shop for all your Essential Business Apps

CIO VendorPhil Koen, CEO
In this day and age, there are certain IT tools that are fundamental to doing business. Email. Phones. Chat. File sharing. You can’t do business without them.

More and more companies—of every size—are turning to the cloud for these IT services. They know that cloud providers offer higher levels of functionality and reliability than most businesses could ever achieve if they managed their own IT, for a fraction of the cost. They spend less on IT, and they outsource their IT burden to keep their teams focused on their core competencies.

But there’s such a thing as too many cloud apps. Many businesses are finding that they have too many control panels, too many bills to reconcile, too many security risks. Users, too, have too many logins and passwords. Embracing the cloud has come at a cost.

This is where Intermedia comes in: it delivers all your essential IT services from the cloud under a one-stop shop model. So there’s just one login, one password, one bill, one control panel, and one phone number for support.

Intermedia has been around since 1995. They’ve been delivering IT from the cloud even since before “cloud” was a buzzword.This fast-growing company now has 60,000 customers, one million users, and over 5,000 active partners.

A one-stop shop and a worry-free experience

What makes Intermedia different fromOffice 365 or Google Apps? The answer lies in three key areas:
Focus on SMBS. Microsoft and Google have designed their services for the broadest possible appeal—from home offices to the world’s largest mega corporations. They lack specialization. Intermedia, on the other hand, tailors its offering specifically to small and medium businesses to solve their unique needs.

Breadth of services. Microsoft and Google both have a “walled garden” approach to IT. They prefer businesses to use THEIR technology—whether or not it’s actually the best on the market. But Intermedia strategically curates their services to include best-of-breed options, regardless of provider. The result is the largest suite of integrated IT services available for small businesses: including Exchange email, Hosted PBX phone service, email protection from McAfee, plus over 20 other solutions. The best part: it’s all managed from a single control panel.

High levels of support.Despite its size, Intermedia operates at a “human scale”. This means that they pick up your calls within sixty seconds, and the expert who answers isn’t in an outsourced call center or trying to direct you to self help. In fact, Intermedia doesn’t outsource support at all—every call is answered by a full-time expert who won’t hang up until your problem is solved.

Intermedia’s future is bright

Intermedia is growing fast. Their workforce is dynamic, their product suite is growing, and the company is fast becoming the provider-of-choice for the Financial Services, Healthcare and Legal verticals.

No wonder they’ve landed A-list clients like Rockstar Energy Drink, Trulia, GoPro and Earthbound Farms.

Whether you’re in the market for one IT service or twenty of them, start your search with Intermedia’s Office in the Cloud.


Phil Koen, CEO

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