International Integration Solutions (IIS): Accelerating the Digital Transformation

John Iacone, CEO
International Integration Solutions (IIS) is one of HPE’s largest resellers with highest levels of certification in architecting and deploying custom solutions to address customers’ technical and business requirements. The firm is recently bestowed with HPE Global Partner of the Year award, presented at the 2016 HPE Global Partner Conference. According to HPE, IIS was a natural choice for the award, given its excellent financial performance and drive for meaningful business results with shared customers. “We’re honored to have been chosen from among all of the global partners for such a prestigious award,” remarks IIS co-founder and CEO John Iacone. “We’ve been delivering HPE solutions to our customers for over 20 years, and this award shows how efficiently we’ve adapted and evolved to dramatically changing IT needs over that time.”

The company is aligned well to HPE’s four global Transformation Areas – Transform to a Hybrid Infrastructure, Protect Your Digital Enterprise, Empower the Data-Driven Organization and Enable Workplace Productivity – and continues to innovate its business as the IT world continues to evolve.

Headquartered in Long Island, NY, IIS solutions collaborates with HP to analyze the customers’ business requirements and architect, design and deploy these requirements using the right capabilities of the hardware, software, and application provisioning. The enterprise solution offered by HP provides an endless suite of products ranging from application lifecycle management and business service management to compression of the data and IT process orchestration. With HP offering technologies including Helion, Eucalyptus, and CSA, an open platform for building Hybrid cloud, IIS bring these solutions to clients to manage their overall workloads.

“The company leverages its HP infrastructure expertise and project management knowledge to assist businesses and their IT departments in solving problems with technology. For example we are adeptly skilled at working with clients to analyze their data and identify the Best Execution Venue (BEV) for their cloud workloads, whether it be a public, private or a hybrid cloud environment” says Iacone.

We’ve been delivering HPE solutions to our customers for over 20 years, and this award shows how efficiently we’ve adapted and evolved to dramatically changing IT needs over that time

The IIS partnership with HP is a way beyond the normal solution offering and has expanded to offer robust services to the clients including Infrastructure Modernization; to maintain a secure and reliable work environment. With leading data analytics platform HP Vertica, IIS leverages the technology and harness them to the clients to focus on the customer demands of speed, stability, and agility to deliver a personalized customer experience.

One such instance with Subway also shows how IIS deploys its reliable cloud solution to provide flexibility using business critical applications. In the case of the Subway, deploying and managing SQL servers to ameliorate the IT responsiveness was a major task. As the Subway System Manager, Don Miles pointed out the need for a Continuous Delivery environment through a new private cloud; IIS designed a private cloud solution that created servers as needed within a time frame of two hours, instead of ten minutes. “IIS has taken the time to develop a partnership with Subway, learning our business over a number of years and never pushing product to get a sale until they understood what the goal for our business was and making sure their solution matched the business case,” says Miles.

Moving ahead, the company believes that the commitment and can-do attitude of not restricting from getting the job done differentiate IIS from its competitors. “In addition to our focus on infrastructure modernization, cloud and big data, we have started our initial investment in VDI and mobility. IIS will continue to leverage its solutions to stay ahead of the technology and provide innovative solutions,” concludes Iacone.

International Integration Solutions

Long Island, NY

John Iacone, CEO

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