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Mart Rovers, President
Gone are the days when the primary goal of every IT Service Management framework was to ensure the alignment of IT and the business with the aid of the right processes, people, and technology. According to Mart Rovers, President of INTERPROM, “The whole business focus is witnessing a paradigm shift. The service management space has undergone a steady evolution from its focus on technology, process and people to business and customers, wherein the new framework involves converging IT and the business, instead of aligning both.” While organizations continue struggling with complicated adoption process of best practices of multiple frameworks and standards, the IT service management (ITSM) veteran and his team at INTERPROM are moving in a direction ahead of its time to offer more advanced consulting, advisory, training, and auditing services. As a leading contributor in the IT service management landscape, INTERPROM is built on the belief that IT should take part in the core business decision making cycle and thus fosters a convergence between the business partners with the IT department of an organization through its coaching, strategic and advisory services. This ensures that both work in tandem and glean maximum benefits from the resources and capabilities.

INTERPROM was one of the first in the US to offer a wide variety of certification training, coaching organizations towards becoming compliant and even certified and offer auditing services. Till today, the company certifies certification auditors from all over the world. Since its inception two decades ago, INTERPROM has evolved from being an ITSM tool and process facilitator to emerging as a people and service quality integrator, driving improvements within organizations and elucidating enterprise maturity. As stated by Rovers, CIOs are struggling to wrap their arms around everything that is going on within IT, between IT and the business and within the business. Frameworks undoubtedly offer great value in maturing the IT organization and helping the organization as a whole to be more successful; nevertheless, the adoption process, the organizational change, in particular, can be lengthy and mismanaged. “Businesses are reluctant to adopt multiple frameworks based on ISO best practices over ITIL, which works based on a single framework,” adds Rovers, “INTERPROM accelerates the compliance process with auditable service quality standards such as ISO/IEC 20000 by establishing a robust core management system, based on which the IT organization can build on for better quality services.” This implies a more secure environment along with a better risk-prepared organization, eventually improving the efficiency.

Catering to companies across a myriad of business verticals such as insurance, financial, banking, automobile, automotive, healthcare, universities, medical, oil and gas and the like, INTERPROM interestingly maintains a vendor-neutral approach.
“Recommending third-party solutions to clients tends to deteriorate the reputation of the company, which often leads to failure in the process of building long-term trust,” affirms Rovers. The coaching model presented by INTERPROM has resulted in developing trust between the company and the client, thereby helping it to emerge as a valuable business partner to the clients, apart from assisting them to improve revenue and profitability. To elaborate, INTERPROM had an important role in upgrading the business of one of their clients by helping them achieve the ground-breaking ISO/IEC 20000 certifications, a widely accredited international service management standard. This has consequently empowered the client’s warehousing management firm to mature as an IT organization; the firm has significantly increased its implementation of warehouses, from 6 to 7 a year to one almost one every week.

At the core, what differentiates INTERPROM from its counterparts is the fact that they have “lived through” what organizations are going through. Every team member onboard at INTERPROM has 30+ years of IT experience and has led organizations from start-ups to IT departments of multi-national organizations, delivering real-world experiences to clients. Besides, the fact that INTERPROM’s clients, who have been with them for a long time, are still active clients speaks volumes about the company’s determination to build long-lasting relationships and reputation what makes them stand out.

As envisioned by Rovers, the INTERPROM service portfolio is to expand in a few areas to provide better service to customers in maturing as an organization and to help them keep up with the speed of change, enable them to be positioned and operate as a strategic business partner. In this digital age as observed by Rovers, the success of IT determines the overall business success. Evidently, increasing number of organizations is realizing the value of the Business Relationship Management capability. The company is currently piloting a Business Relationship Management (BRM) assessment tool which will assist clients in making most out of their investments in training and education, as well as coaching and consulting to mature their capabilities and practices. This will be further fortified by the firm’s BRM and ISO/IEC 20000 consulting that aims at balancing the maturity of the service provider, the business partner, and relationship between both.

Sprinting ahead in full steam, INTERPROM had conducted a series of webinars titled “Got ISO?” introducing 12 most advantageous ISO standards, for instance, ISO 9001, IS/ IEC 20000, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO 31000, ISO 22301, which received good response and acknowledgment. In days to come, “Our digital footprint will expand in support of making our knowledge and experience more easily accessible,” concludes Rovers.


Phoenix, AZ

Mart Rovers, President

For more than years, INTERPROM has been on a mission to improve the service quality of our (IT) customers. The vision that motivates and sustains them in an (IT) industry in which (IT) professionals are educated and inspired to excel in servicing their (IT) customers in a sustained effort to elevate the business’ performance. The company provides coaching services to CIOs, BRMs, CISOs, IT Strategists, Service Owners, Process Owners, and Risk Owners. Furthermore, INTERPROM also volunteered on (IT) industry associations, reviewed publications, presented at local, regional, national and international events, and published books, white papers, blogs, and podcasts