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Survival in today's economic climate and competitive retail environment requires top notch customer experience from the firm’s end. However, organizations today, face difficulty in tracking different IT systems that interact with one another. This results in failing to ensure consistency in the quality of their interactions with clients and customer experience monitoring. Addressing some of these problems in the CE arena is Intersec Group which offers the responsiveness, enabling its users to have a 360° view of their customer’s data, and leverages the past information available for a specific client to meet today’s business needs. “We aggregate all these traces by delivering algorithms, to understand when something is going wrong and act accordingly before the customer complains,” says Yann Chevalier, CEO, Intersec Group. “Our technology extracts insights from historical and on-line data, and converts it into tractable information for non-technical users,” explains Chevalier.

Intersec proffers specific in-house solutions that are dedicated to enhance customer experience. “Our customer base management solution helps organizations automate their Below the Line (BTL) marketing to help them engage in a continuous conversation with customers,” states Chevalier. Being an expert at leveraging analytics, location and algorithms, the firm believes that communications can be personalized according to customers’ context, preferences, and past behavior.

“With this belief, over 42 percent of our staff in R&D continuously engages themselves to deliver beyond state-of-the art products,” states Chevalier. The products and solutions that Intersec provides are designed to efficiently implement an operator’s loyalty and retention, innovative value creation and cost optimization strategies. The combination of great performance, usability, and value for the market enables the firm to deliver products that are in close cooperation with operators willing to partner with them in shaping tomorrow’s customer management tools.

Our technology extracts insight from historical and on-line data, and converts it into tractable information for non-technical users

Yann Chevalier, CEO
“As innovation is at the heart of our strategy, we have formed a dedicated team to explore new technologies and deploy advanced algorithms in Proofs of Concept,” says Chevalier. This strategical approach of the Intersec Group has paved the way for them to have several localization-related technologies, mixing Wi-fi and cellular networks. “Adding to this, being focused at developing several algorithms dedicated to geo marketing allow us to be unique to strive through the growing market competition,” he adds.

Intersec’s uniqueness lies in its ability to follow responsiveness at the technological level, enabling clients to adapt to the evolving environment. Exalted by over 60 Mobile Network Operators, Intersec technology has been successful in enhancing the experience of many subscribers and manages over a billion smart events worldwide every day. In one such instance a large telecommunication company leveraged the firm’s solution to promote their newly deployed 4G network in Europe. Intersec enabled its client to help its subscribers with a compatible handset, to receive instant notification to change its parameters, to get the best benefit based on the available bandwidth. Implementing Intersec’s best-of-breed solution, the telecom customer generated nearly 60 percent click rate on a single notification in the initial days, whereas the rate increased at an average of 27 percent eventually.

Having almost a decade’s experience in serving the telecom industry, Chevalier’s team realized that they have the capability to benefit several other industries with the similar technology and product. Therefore, “we plan to expand our scope to new verticals, starting with the ones that are closest to our traditional markets such a cable networks and utilities,” delineates Chevalier. In the upcoming years Intersec Group aims at addressing financial or retail services, where there are a plethora of great challenges pertaining to Customer Experience Management.

Intersec Group

Paris La Défense, Cedex France

Yann Chevalier, CEO

Delivers solutions and software’s that enables telecom operators to derive value from their network big data and to facilitate services innovation

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